Dennis Brouwer

Dennis Brouwer

CEO, Leadership Enthusiast, Award-winning Navy Tactician

Dennis Brouwer is a proven turnaround leader, with hands-on experience taking a global business from laughingstock to leader. He’s a decorated Navy veteran – an award-winning anti-submarine warrior and accomplished naval flight officer with over 150 carrier landings and 1,000 hours in the cockpit. He’s led successful global product development organizations and written a book (The Return on Leadership) on leading in our age of unrelenting change. He’s a self-taught Jeep mechanic, a brewer of fine beers, and, with his wife Rebecca, the owner of a small farm and log cabin that you have to see to believe. Put it all together, and he’s got a unique perspective on you, your business, and what makes it tick. His specialty? Helping you to identify and resolve the built-in resistance to change that’s holding you and your organization back.

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