Mikel Cirkus

Mikel Cirkus

Global Director, Conceptual Design of Firmenich, Flavors Division

Mikel Cirkus has spent his 30 year career in creative thinking. As a designer, photographer, illustrator and writer, he has a unique perspective on the rapidly changing world of trends, content creation, and execution. He is currently the Global Director of Conceptual Design for the Flavors Division of Firmenich, the largest privately owned company in the fragrance and flavor industry - where creativity is both an essence and a guiding principle. He has worked personally with many of the most innovative people in marketing, R&D, technical applications and brand management, for hundreds of products in nearly every category of consumer package goods, worldwide. Mikel is a graduate of The Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, California and makes his home in the Princeton, NJ area.

As a founding member of the global Trenz® team, Mikel identifies key industry and consumer trends, combines them with on-going analysis of competitive environments, and creates a proven means to encourage and enable his customers to embrace, adapt and even create changes that have added value to their brands while also strengthening their relationship and increasing sales with Firmenich.

Mikel’s early design career began developing advertising and branding for beauty care, automotive, electronics, shipping, trade and commerce industries where his creative leadership fostered an environment of essential growth and development for strategic and tactical problem solving.

Today, as a “futurist,” Mikel is the type of person who can see and understand trends – from the global consumer lifestyle to the business of CPG’s and beyond. An expert at ‘connecting the dots,’ Mikel consistently delivers insight while recommending what to do given these emerging trends. Utilizing his vision as well as market and consumer research skills and experience, Mikel identifies value propositions with the ability to organize and articulate these in a true business-case sense.

A stalwart of his profession, having graduated from “promising newcomer” to an “industry influencer” over the course of his thirty-year career as a creative thinker. Mikel brings cultural depth to brand authenticity, actively pursuing and recording emergent consumer trends as they manifest at the fringe of society and evolve to mainstream media.

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