Ted Fishman

Ted Fishman

Bestselling Author of China, Inc.

Ted C. Fishman's bestselling book, China, Inc.: How the Rise of the Next Superpower Challenges America and the World has helped describe for the world the effects of China's momentous change on the lives and businesses of people everywhere. China, Inc., is guidebook to the most important change in the world today, the rapid emergence of China as a world power whose size is unmatched by any rivals.

In addition to its success in America, the book has been translated and published Japan, China, France, Taiwan, Korea, Spain, and Turkey. Fishman's essays and reports appear in many of the world's most prominent journals, including The New York Times Magazine, Money, Harper's, Worth, INC, Business2.0, Esquire, USA Today, GQ, The Times of London, German GEO, and Chicago Magazine. His commentaries have been featured on Public Radio International's Marketplace.

Fishman's writing is noted for taking seemingly vastly complex topics and making them understandable and meaningful for a general audience. Fishman is particularly interested in how big global economic trends bare on people's everyday experience. He has been featured on ABC, CNN, Fox, the BBC, CNBC, PBS, NPR, Public Radio International, and Sky News (UK), among many others. Fishman also frequently consults to local, state and federal leaders concerned about how to navigate China's economic rise.

A former floor trader and member of the Chicago Mercantile Exchange, Fishman ran his own trading firm until 1992. Fishman is an accomplished public speaker who has addressed gatherings worldwide. His talks reflect the intelligence and wit readers find in his writing. Most recently his talks have focused on the emergence of China and its impact of the lives of Americans as consumers, workers, managers and citizens.

His presentations combine engaging story telling with a wide ranging knowledge about the world economy, putting into context the his audiences top concerns and exploring how they relate to big, global economic trends. His talks are lively and stimulating. Question and answer periods are inevitably engaging.

Fishman has lived and worked in Japan and Indonesia. He is a graduate of Princeton University and currently lives in Chicago.

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