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Benjamin O'Keefe is taking the world by storm as a speaker, Internet personality, and leader in progressive politics. He helps organizations do things that matter with their power.

Benjamin O’Keefe is taking the world by storm as a speaker, Internet personality, and leader in progressive politics.

Ben gained international acclaim after beginning a global movement against the clothing company Abercrombie & Fitch and their company’s size-based discrimination, and went on to launch body positive campaigns with some of the largest clothing and beauty companies in the world. Since then, he has continued advocating to lift up the voices of marginalized communities and create systemic change. Benjamin currently works as the Social and Cultural producer at MoveOn.org, the largest progressive non-profit in America, where he is the youngest employee ever.

Ben currently hosts the popular MoveOn webseries “The O’Keefe Brief”, is an MTV News guest host, and writer for MTV’s Decoded. He has appeared on television such as Good Morning America, MSNBC, CNN, and BBC World News, and is also a frequent contributor to some of the world’s leading and largest publications, recently The Guardian, Ebony Magazine, Upworthy, and others.

Ben is passionate about starting conversations, especially with young people, about the power of our voices to create change in our lives and in the lives of others.

Ben is writing his first book, ‘CinderFELLA: A Rags to Richest Stories’. When not on a set or traveling to speaking engagements you’ll find Ben out somewhere making people laugh.

  • The Movement: Inside The Millennial-Powered Political Revolution

    "Young people have the power to do incredible things but we're not often given the opportunity to—I decided to create the opportunity." For too long young people's voices have been left out of the political process—now they're are fighting back and leading a populist political revolution. Whether it's leading in the Black Lives Matter movement or swaying our political elections, young people are the ones to watch in modern-day politics.

    As the youngest voice in progressive politics—currently working as a leader at the progressive juggernaut MoveOn.org—Ben is a leading authority on young people in politics today.

    In this talk Ben breaks down the biggest issues facing our country and how the Millennial population is responding.
  • Black, Queer, and Unafraid

    "No fats, no Blacks, no fems" anyone who has been on a gay dating app has seen these phrases. In this powerful talk Ben looks past the typical conversation of marriage equality and discusses what most are afraid to touch: the internalized racism, homophobia, and body fascism within the gay community today.

    This talk will force a deep conversation on finding identity, love, and building a community that fights for each other and not against.
  • More Than a Hashtag: Building a Social Media Movement

    From the "Ice Bucket Challenge" to #BlackLivesMatter social media is changing the way we create change and build movements.

    As an expert in social media and digital organizing, reaching over 50 million people weekly on his personal social media alone, Ben helps to develop viral social justice campaigns for a living. In this talk he breaks down his secrets to success and helps his audience discover the true power of social media.
  • Our Stories: A Voice for the Voiceless

    Hi, my name is Ben O'Keefe. Ordinarily these things aren't written in first person—but I am far from ordinary. Well, I started out pretty ordinary. I had struggles—like we all do—I was the fat, gay, poor kid (the bullying trifecta) and even got to such a low point that I attempted to take my own life. I survived all that, and felt that I had a responsibility to help others survive as well. That's when I learned something: We all have a story and our story has the power to change someone else's or, if we give it a chance, change the world.

    Now I have been able to do just that. I began a global movement against the clothing company Abercrombie & Fitch, at only 18 years old, and was instantly thrust into the public eye. My ordinary story had done something extraordinary! Since then my life has changed quite a bit and it all happened because I learned how to harness my potential—harness my story—to help change the world. Our struggles make us stronger, and when we learn how to harness the power of our voice, we can change the world in ways that we never imagined.
  • So You Wanna Stop Being Complicit in Racism?

    An incredibly straightforward, challenging, and at times hilarious conversation on the topic on everyone’s mind. It will get you on your feet, in the streets, and feeling full of hope.
  • Be A Man: A Fat, Black, Queer Man’s Thoughts on Modern Masculinity

    What does it mean to be a man in this day and age? In this conversation—for people of all genders—Ben dives into masculinity in the modern age, trans-inclusive intersectional feminism, and how the gender binary is keeping us from being us.
  • Chaotic Good: Finding Your Inner Activist

    We all have a story, and our stories have the power to change someone else’s and—if we give them a chance—to change the world. This uplifting, crowd-favorite, will leave you cheering and excited to go out and make your mark on the world.

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