Now that the Mueller investigation report has been delivered…the question is – what’s next?  To answer that question there’s no better speaker than BobWoodward.

Since Trump was elected, Woodward has been even-handed in his writing, his interviews, and in his speeches. Woodward has urged the press to “take a Valium gargle” and focus on reporting the story without taking things personally. “Trump was elected to do something different – and that’s what he’s doing.” Woodward works to unpack the governing crisis America is in and consider what that means for the 2020 election.

Bob recently appeared on Hardball with Chris Matthews to break down how President Trump avoided answering Mueller’s questions under oath. Fascinating discussion.

Watch Woodward’s ability to update audiences in a deferential and non-partisan manner:


We hope you’ll consider Bob Woodward confidently if you are looking for a political update with an unparalleled historical perspective.