“Life is what happens when you’re busy making other plans” -John Lennon


Everyone in the live events industry is facing the same crisis: all events for March, April, and May have been cancelled, creating major cash flow issues for our industry, our speakers, and our meeting planner clients.

Our hearts go out to our fellow booking agencies, our favorite speakers, and of course, our meeting and event planner clients. We know the difficulty of trying to plan for an uncertain future.

But here’s the good news: Yes, it will get worse, but then it will get better. We will turn the corner. Gotham Artists will be with you and will be there for you. We will continue to be your advocate.

America is strong and the human spirit is even stronger. Right now we can use this time to focus on our family and our health. It’s a chance to gain much-needed perspective to re-organize our priorities and have greater clarity on what really matters.

What’s next?

Going forward, Gotham will prepare a host of virtual and digital alternatives to live events, conferences, and speaking engagements for your employees, students, association members and communities. We are fully equipped to help produce virtual meetings, interactive sessions, and master classes. These types of meetings are the “new normal” for now.

To make this hard time a little easier, we will be offering highly reduced cost virtual programs from our greatest and most inspiring speakers and entertainers. In addition, we plan on rolling out short videos from our favorite inspirational speakers because through all of this, we believe in bringing people voices of hope, joy, and strength just as we always have.

Gotham will continue operations remotely with the most dedicated staff in the industry. We are here to help meeting planners put on the best events—however different they may look right now. Nothing tops the live event experience, but high-quality and engaging virtual programming will fill the void for the time being.

Let’s stay connected and let’s keep inspiring.

Alec and Daniel, Partners