Imagine for a moment being trapped inside your own body for 4 grueling years, unable to communicate with the outside worlds as your health continued to deteriorate. Yet you were still there. In mind and spirit, you were still you, desperately trying to find a way back to the life you once knew.

Victoria Arlen has not only been through this astonishing battle, but she has found ways to thrive and has turned her life’s challenges into an unending source of fuel that has led to extraordinary accomplishments.

About Victoria Arlen

 arlen wheelchair Face it. Embrace it. Defy it. Conquer it.

When Victoria Arlen was eleven years old, she contracted two rare diseases simultaneously and fell into a mysterious vegetative state. After nearly 4 years “locked” inside her own body, Victoria began the nearly impossible fight back to life– learning how to speak, eat and move all over again. She went on to exceedingly defy the odds and not only recovered but has since become an accomplished Paralympic athlete, ESPN on-air personality, Dancing With the Stars competitor, actress, and model.

Victoria In Action

Still Not Convinced?


“Despite being one of the youngest speakers we’ve ever hosted, Victoria Arlen has mastered the art of creating this kind of true, powerful connection. Of all the great speakers we’ve hosted at our conferences, she was exceptional.”

– Gino Blefari, CEO, Berkshire Hathaway Home Services

“Victoria Arlen’s talk was incredible, humbling, and a perfect close. She was by far the highlight of the session and in fact the whole DTA for me.”

– Brian Campbell, Sr Business Manager of US Enterprise Commercial, Microsoft

“Victoria was the perfect speaker for our event! I can’t thank you enough for the recommendation. She was unbelievable; full of life, passion, and hope. We have had nothing but positive feedback and you could feel the energy in the room.”

– Sara Reeves, General Mills