Anndddd we’re back with the final installment of the five pillars from The Power of Playing Offense with Paul Epstein. It’s been a minute since we introduced the foundation to ‘finding your why,’ so before we get into the particulars, skim through our brief refresher below:

WHAT IS PLAYING OFFENSE:  Playing offense is an all-gas-no-brakes methodology for personal and team transformation. It’s a mindset that inspires action and empowers leadership in business across all aspects of life.

  1. Live with Championship Purpose — Allow your inner compass to be the driver in your daily decisions.
  2. Be the Storm Chaser — Storms are inevitable; focus on how you show up and respond.
  3. Salute the Long Snapper — All positions matter, empower the everyday player in life.
  4. Embody Gold Jacket Culture — Transform your employees from passive listeners to active participants
  5. Leave It Better Than You Found It — Own your temperature and be that positive impact.

Pillar #5: Leave It Better Than You Found It. Paul invites leaders to be aware of their temperature in the fifth and final pillar, and no, we don’t mean a literal thermostat. By owning your temperature, you can control how you can affect people and that energy will radiate throughout your team, culture, and organization. Allow Paul to show your company how to scale your bright spots and focus on impact and legacy. 

Are you committed to leaving something or someone better than when you found them? For 2022, we challenge you to think of one person to pledge this year and leave them with a positive impact.

Show up with Paul and Gotham Artists at the 50 to play offense together.

Love & Lysol,

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“Bottom line, every single time we walk away from a person and/or place we should leave it better than when we found them. The beauty is every single day, every single encounter we have this opportunity.”

– Paul Epstein, The Power of Playing Offense



  • Be aware of your own temperature and how it affects your team, culture, and organization
  • Focus on impact and legacy with the mindset of how we can be better
  • Dedicate yourself to one person and create that positive influence 



Paul Epstein speaks about the power of Playing Offense— how purpose helps us push through adversity to unlock greater fulfillment and mastery of our craft. He shows how you and your team can become more inspired, impactful, and effective to create a competitive advantage of culture where greatness can be the catalyst for growth.

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