Emmy Winning TV Host & New York Times Bestselling Author

Leeza Gibbons

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As the winner of Celebrity Apprentice, Leeza understands how to lead and win with passion and respect. Proving that nice girls finish first, she raised money for her foundation to support family caregivers, a cause close to her heart.

Emmy Award winner Leeza Gibbons is one of the most well‐known pop‐culture icons on the air. In addition to her impressive background in the field of entertainment and news media, Leeza is an instrumental advocate for healthcare, wellness, and caregiving and a leading voice on the Alzheimer’s journey.   She is also a wife, mother, businesswoman, EMMY winner and New York Times bestselling author.

The spectrum of Leeza’s career in entertainment and news media is diverse and impressive. Her on‐camera hosting dominance in the entertainment‐news and talk‐show arenas, ranges from the most popular entertainment news show in history, Entertainment Tonight, to her award‐winning daytime talk show, Leezato The Rose Parade. As founder of the non-profit Leeza’s Care Connection, which provides direct support for families facing chronic illness and disease, Leeza honors a promise she made her mother to “tell her story and make it count”.  Honoring that legacy of providing education, empowerment and energy to those facing Alzheimer’s disease has become her greatest passion.

Leeza lives in LA with her husband, NYT best-selling author Steven Fenton and their rescue pup, Biggie.  She has three children; daughter Leksy and sons Nate and Troy.


  • LIVING IN THE MOMENT: How Alzheimer’s helped me Survive COVID-19

    Studies show Alzheimer’s is among our greatest fears. We all know or love someone with the disease but it’s brutal lessons are hard to find. Covid19 struck this community with disproportionate cruelty. Ironically, Leeza found the pain she endured watching her mother and grandmother both die from this brutal disease taught her some bullet-proof life-sustaining skills that work for anyone who has been stressed and depressed due to the pandemic. Leeza knows the harsh reality of watching someone disappear, and felt helpless and hopeless, too, but ultimately she’ll share what she learned through her mother’s illness: how to really show up for life. Navigating this journey is a life-defining experience that has led Leeza to become one of the leading voices on the Alzheimer’s journey. Whether it’s Alzheimer’s or any other life-altering diagnosis, tackling this turning point is urgently important to survival.

    Leeza brings her hands-on experience as a caregiver, as well as her years of work supporting families, as founder and CEO of her caregiver centers, Leeza’s Care Connection. She is also the author of the caregiver guide, Take Your Oxygen First: Caring for Yourself while Caring for Someone You Love with Memory Loss.
  • The Upside to the Downside: How to face down fear

    The pandemic has taught us, life changes in an instant and sometimes all we can control is our reaction. We hear it all the time; in order to grow you must face your fears, but how? Leeza breaks it down in a few helpful steps. By giving examples from her own life of leaving her job in television, fearing failure and thinking she would never work again, she shares how she found more success and happiness than she ever thought possible. Anyone in who needs steps to take about how to start over, recover from failures or re-set and re-write their narrative will benefit from these straight-forward tips.
  • Breathe, Believe, Receive: Reclaiming Life After COVID-19

    This is Leeza’s mantra for family caregivers who she says are the most heroic people in the universe. Adapting to Covid19 is yet another example of how these family first responders have to find resilience and resolve to go on. Leeza says, “The husbands, wives, sons, daughters who show up every day for someone they love are proof that we can care more deeply with more heart and energy than seems humanly possible”. Their journey contains valuable lessons on adjusting and accepting life when it all goes to hell. When she created her nonprofit, Leeza’s Care Connection, to support and sustain caregivers, she became one of the leading voices of wellness and prevention advocacy for their cause. She says Breathe, Believe, Receive is one of the guiding principles at The Care Connection, and how urgent is it for caregivers to “Take their oxygen first.” These life-sustaining tips are relevant for parents, medical professionals, therapists and wellness providers.
  • Leeza’s Throwback Guide to Winning in a post-pandemic world

    We’ve reached a point in our culture that sometimes seems so polarized and so toxic that common decency seems to be gone, and shame over scandalous behavior seems over. But Leeza says there are lessons at this breaking point that require that we go back to ways of outclassing the competition and reclaiming the decorum that used to keep us in check. That’s the way Leeza describes her insights into many of her winning formulas for success . She’ll share strategies she’s employed along the way that have consistently worked, along with the number one quality successful people must have! Now, more than ever, it’s time to talk about building our teams in business and our families at home with radical resilience based on time-honored skills that deliver. Leeza brings her experience as a talk show host, producer, best-selling author, social entrepreneur, and red carpet survivor to men and women who want to hold their head high as they claim the prize. These remarks are perfect for leadership groups, women’s empowerment associations, Civic and Service organizations.
  • Radical Resilience and Fierce Optimism

    What does optimism have to do with your business success or your personal happiness? According to Leeza, EVERYTHING! Especially now, during a time when walking on the sunny side of the street may seem naive . In this presentation, she shows how adapting or improving optimism can help your brain connect to solutions faster. She shares how it’s a mental competence that allows you to bounce back and fight back from anything. Leeza literally wrote the book on this topic: “ Fierce Optimism; 7 lessons for playing nice and winning big”. Anything but a Pollyanna position of denying reality, this is a basic reminder of how to put resilience and optimism to work in our life and business.
  • What’s Your W-O-W factor? Change your “Window” on the World, change your life

    Leeza says the way you see the world, lS YOUR WORLD. ln this presentation, Leeza shares how success doesn’t depend on your intelligence, your skillset or even your preparation, but rather HOW you see problems. Successful people see them as opportunities, not stress, and most of the time this determines who is victorious, who is successful and who will win. Funny, warm and inspirational, Leeza’s engaging and motivational tips show how, as Wayne Dyer said, “when you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.
  • No Matter Where You Go, There you Are.

    Leeza explains why owning your story is imperative to claiming your future. In business and life, we are the culmination of our experiences, but what about those parts that hold you back, or make you question your own path? How do we do that now when we are struggling with pandemic-fatigue? Leeza talks about her southern values and how they helped her build a decades-long career in the entertainment business as one of the industry’s most successful celebrities. From her days behind the anchor desk on Entertainment Tonight to her talk show and her win on Celebrity Apprentice, she used her trademark kindness to get ahead in a business where cutthroat cruelty reigns. Leeza’s witty insights are packed with take-home value and show how respect and the “new nice” give you a competitive advantage.

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