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In early 2020 Neal Moore packed his worldly belongings into his humble canoe. He embarked upon a twenty-two-month-long journey across America.  Initially inspired by the mysterious disappearance of a fellow-canoeist, the nomadic adventurer and public speaker discovered a highlight reel of the true American spirit along the way.

In no way discouraged by the sudden global pandemic, Neal persevered – accepting the opportunity to examine his view of our nation, himself, and his place in the world. The worldwide journalist embraced the hard times and pushed himself to stay in the moment during the entirety of his seventy-five-hundred-mile journey.

Traveling alone provided Neal with the opportunity to break down his barriers, tackling parts of himself previously unacknowledged. His open mind encouraged him to develop relationships with small-town America, widening his overall lens of America through conversations with characters from various backgrounds, unearthing connections from Oregon to New York State.

In his keynote speech, A Journey of Illumination into the Heart of America, Neal shows us how these characters we meet along the way – along our journey – are the characters that hold the power to transform how we look at our nation and how we see ourselves and our place in the world.

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From Oregon, through the Saint Lawrence River Divide, to the final destination, the Statue of Liberty. 
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Speaker Topics 
(Offered Virtually & In-Person)

1. Finding Bliss in Letting Go

2. Plot Your Journey and See Your Way Through

3. A Journey of Illumination into the Heart of America

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Dubbed “a modern-day Huck Finn” by CNN, adventurer and storyteller Neal Moore has been featured in The New Yorker, Der Spiegel, and on CNN International with work spanning North America, Africa, and the Far East. Neal Moore is the author of Down the Mississippi and, most recently, Homelands: A Memoir. His “sea to shining sea” journey of illumination was covered by news outlets worldwide, including The New York Times, The Times of London, and Adventure Magazine of New Zealand.