Hello Gotham Fam,

Once again our city is tested.
Once again our resolve is pushed to the limit.
And once again we are forced to be “New York strong.”

With all that’s going on in the world — from the war in Ukraine, to the ongoing Covid pandemic and all the stressors and pressures it puts on us, there’s a lot on all of our plates.

And if that wasn’t enough, right in Gotham’s own backyard, not two miles from where I was born and raised, a homegrown terrorist shatters what little sense of peace we have left. Suffice it to say, we could all use a break.

So instead of our usual Friday wrap up, I wanted to take this opportunity to grant ourselves permission to PAUSE.

Turn off the computer this weekend. Turn off the phone. Try and find a bit of your own peace and quiet.

This year the holidays of Easter and Passover coincide. These moments allow us time to reflect and appreciate all the gifts that we have (and I don’t just mean chocolate covered matzo and Easter eggs). It’s a chance to reset, recharge and reconnect. A chance to be with our loved ones and enjoy the small moments that often fly by like roadside stands along the highway – perhaps you can use this weekend to:

  • Play a game of catch in the yard
  • Gather around the kitchen to cook and laugh together.
  • Pull out those old vinyl records and listen to an album from end to end with your best friend.
  • Or watch a family favorite movie with no distractions (currently, in our house, it’s Annie)

So why, you may ask, do I refer to what happened this week as a miracle?

Passover is a story of survival, and Easter is one of revival, of rising again.

And in Brooklyn this week, despite overwhelming odds, every victim of this week’s attack is likely to survive. Their lives may be forever changed, but they have a second chance now. A chance to do great things and hopefully make the world a better place.

We will always be a New York company, and our heart is in Brooklyn.

May you have a healthy and happy holiday celebrating with the ones you love.

Love and Lysol,
Alec and the Gotham family