With at least a half dozen women candidates now running for president, the 2020 campaign should focus more on issues than gender, which should help many of the female contenders, according to the anchor for BBC World News America.

Katty Kay, a British journalist who has covered U.S. presidential elections since the 2008 campaign, said she expects the U.S. presidential contest starting this year should be much different from the 2016 campaign when Democrat Hillary Clinton became the first female nominee of a major political party but was pretty much alone among the leading presidential candidates to succeed President Obama.

“What’s really exciting about this race is the discussion in the Democratic field of candidates is not about who is the woman candidate or who is the African-American candidate because there are so many different candidates — it’s about where each stands on the ideological spectrum,” Kay said. “That is a different conversation that we are already having so the fact that we have so many women in this contest changes this race for those women.”