Kat Blaque has spent almost half her life on YouTube — and the biggest takeaway she’s gotten from countless years of trolling, harassment, and hate? That it’s, frankly, no longer worth giving a fuck.

At 28 years old, Blaque has been making vlogs since she was 15 — pioneering the sort of socially-conscious discussions that have since taken over social media. Because while she may have began by making videos about her transition, these videos slowly gave way to discussions about feminism, trans issues, and racism — the everyday issues that affected her — and it’s those topics that continue to make up the core of what she talks about.

After all, Blaque is well aware of the way she embodies an intersection of a myriad of pertinent social issues — how her mere existence has become a polarizing, hot-button issue, especially amongst an emerging crowd of transphobes, meninists, and white supremacists. However, she also maintains her power in the sense that she doesn’t let the bigots dictate what she chooses to talk about or what content she puts out. Instead, she’s eager to continue making vlogs that fulfill her desire to be heard and scene — which includes her perspective on what’s happening within YouTube as a platform.

Currently though, she’s in the process of rebranding her channel, so that rather than “packaging these issues in a way I think people would understand,” she can share a more multifacted, “mature perspective” on issues related to intersectional feminism and existing as a transwoman.

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