“Trump goes in and he picks at those scabs and those wounds and we have to deal with the bleeding.”

For Michael Steele, former chairman of the Republican National Committee, the midterm elections were a process of the American people beginning to answer two questions. What kind of country do they want? What kind of leaders do they want to run it?

“We are a country that right now is grappling with some truths that we have buried for a long time on race, on class and culture, on ethnicity, on those kinds of issues dealing with the diversity of the country,” Steele told me in the latest episode of “Cape Up” recorded during the “Inside American Politics” conference in Italy hosted by NYU Florence. “So you have that sort of roiling tension at a certain level. And coming to grips with that is what we’ve seen over the last … two years.” The scabs and wounds Steele said Trump picks are plentiful. “Whether it’s a policy that locks kids up, even though it’s not our kids, still, as a nation, we have to respond to that. We have found ourselves having to respond to children in cages. Or situations like Charlottesville.”

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