The world of sports, like real estate, involves some high-stake situations.

For 20 years, Molly Fletcher lived in that world. She was a successful sports agent, recruiting and representing big names, from baseball pitcher John Smoltz to broadcaster Erin Andrews. Now a national motivational speaker and entrepreneur, Fletcher, dubbed the “female Jerry Maguire” by CNN, according to her website, was recently one of the headliners at the Michael Saunders & Co. real estate brokerage annual meeting. Held June 6, Fletcher shared lessons from her career with the Michael Saunders agents and employees, tips that apply to people working in a variety of client-focused fields.

Mind the gap: As a sports agent, Fletcher says her model for recruiting almost 300 athletes and coaches centered on anticipating gaps in their lives and getting out ahead of them. “I would challenge you to pull back and say, ‘Who are the five, 10, 15 people you want to work with, maybe that you don’t work with right now?’” Fletcher asked the audience. “How can we pull back and begin to anticipate the gaps in their lives, the moments in their lives?”