It’s often difficult to tell how good a podcast will be from its first few episodes. Given time, hosts will adjust their banter, interviewers will refine their questions and a true crime investigator may receive an unexpected tip. That’s why we often wait until a podcast has had years to develop before adding it to our annual list of the 50 Best.

But plenty of new podcasts are showing promise in 2019. And at least 10 shows have emerged as necessary listening. Which of these shows is up your alley depends on whether you’re partial to classical music interludes on your commute, laugh-out-loud comedy for your workout or a good cry session while you fold your laundry. Or perhaps you’re partial to a particular high-profile host, like Bill Nye or Michael Lewis. This year has also brought us compelling new ventures from fan-favorite podcast veterans, like 99% Invisible’s Avery Trufelman and Slow Burn’s Leon Neyfakh.

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