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Nick Webb

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Nick Webb brings to the stage a unique combination of both content and form. As a technologist and multi-award-winning inventor, Nick has invented technologies that include one of the smallest medical implants and one of the first wearable technologies.

Long before he became one of the most in-demand futurist speakers in the world, Nick Webb was a successful entrepreneur and inventor, working on the front lines and competing against many of the biggest companies – and winning.

Despite a calendar packed with global speaking and media engagements, he’s still very much involved in business. “You cannot give advice to others,” he says, “unless you’re standing shoulder to shoulder with them in the trenches!”

As the founder and CEO of LeaderLogic® wesellsuccess.com, Nick works with Fortune 500 companies throughout the world to help them lead their industries in innovation, strategy, and customer experience (CX) design.

As an inventor, Nick Webb has been awarded over 40 patents by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office for breakthrough technologies in a wide range of industrial and consumer products, including one of the world’s smallest medical implants.

A prolific writer and number one bestselling author, his most recent book, “What Customers Crave,” is used by top brands to design their customer experience and innovation strategies. “What Customers Crave” was featured as Mashable’s “Top 50 Marketing Books to Read” in 2017 and LinkedIn’s “Top Summer Read” for 2017. His other groundbreaking books include “The Innovation Playbook” and “The Digital Innovation Playbook.”

Nick’s next breakthrough book, “The Innovation Mandate,” will be published by HarperCollins Leadership in 2019.

In recognition of his contributions to healthcare innovation and policy, Nick Webb was awarded the Doctorate of Humane Letters (hon.) from Western University of Health Sciences, where he serves as an adjunct professor and the director of the Chief Innovation Officer.

Nick is also the founder of the WebbLogic®, a research and development project that is reinventing the way in which consumers access and engage healthcare and other consumer products and services, and is dedicated to creating the next generation of wearable technologies.

  • Innovation

    Let’s face it – “innovation” has become a buzzword. Everyone loves it and a lot of people talk about it, but very few know how to leverage it for success. Nick will bring to your group his decades of real-world business experience and show them, in a way that’s engaging and entertaining, how every member of your team can become an innovator and contribute to your bottom line.
  • Healthcare

    Nick Webb will bring to your group his extensive real-world knowledge of healthcare innovation, including his experience as an inventor of one of the world’s smallest medical implants. In recognition of his contributions to healthcare innovation and policy, Nick was awarded the Doctorate of Humane Letters (hon.) from Western University of Health Sciences. Your team will love him – and you’ll soon see the difference in their performance!
  • Customer Experience

    With Nick Webb, you’ll have on your team the acclaimed author of “What Customers Crave,” his best-selling book that redefines the customer relationship. His deep, first-hand knowledge will make a difference that you’ll see in your team’s performance and your bottom line!
  • Future Trends

    Nick Webb has studied the past, knows the present, and speaks with authority about the future. As he reveals in his forthcoming book, “The Innovation Mandate” (HarperCollins Leadership, 2019), Nick sees a bright future for those who take advantage of currents in the marketplace rather than fighting them. If you want your team to face the future armed with actionable information, Nick Webb will deliver!
  • Leadership

    As CEO of Leader Logic and recipient of the Top Global Business Guru award for 2017, 2018, and 2019, Nick Webb understands the challenges of leadership, knows the real-world application of innovation, and speaks to the audience from the perspective of having worked in the trenches. He’s helped thousands of leaders from around the world to rise to the top – and he’ll do the same for you!
His presentation was VERY well received! I heard many positive comments about not only the relevancy of the information, but the specific content and statistics he included.


At the risk of overstating Nick’s talk, our event committee described Nicholas Webb’s talk as a religious experience. Amazing talk.

—Carla Lyons VP Marketing Lillibridge Healthcare Services, Inc.

Are you ready to take your creative ideas from “incremental” to ‘disruptive' or even ‘destructive'? Nick Webb just spoke to one of our teams and left the group inspired and eager to break our normal conventions. He's right when he says Innovation is not a bumper sticker – you have to do something to make it come to life.

—Cal Austin Regional Director, Pfizer Innovation

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