Master of Leading Innovation, Change & Business Transformation

Nick Jankel Speaking Fee: $20,000 to $30,000

Master of Leading Innovation, Change & Business Transformation

Speaking Fee:
$20,000 to $30,000

Travels From:
LAX - Los Angeles (All Airports)

Primary Topic Category:
Leadership and Management

Secondary Topic Category:
Inspiration / Motivation / Overcoming Obstacles


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Nick Jankel Speaker Profile: At A Glance

Nick Jankel has cracked the code of transformation and innovation after 30 years serving the growth of ambitious organizations like Nike, Unilever, Intel, Virgin, Genentech, PlayStation, and Novartis and 25 years walking the talk as a high-impact entrepreneur.

Nick is out to share the ideas, mindsets, and behaviors needed lead brilliantly through change, unlock constant breakthroughs in business models and teamwork, and blast through the barriers that predictably block innovation and transformation.

Nick is a highly experienced and sought after professional speaker and a virtuoso stage performer at the very top of his game. He is booked by companies, conferences, institutions, associations, and nations—think LEGO, Unilever, Diageo, Pfizer, McCormick, Abu Dhabi, Google, the UK Prime Minister—who seek an unprecedented ROI from electrifying, exquisitely customized, and science-backed keynotes that WOW!, captivate, and ignite concrete change. Nick is a groundbreaking theorist and master practitioner of transformational leadership and transformative (i.e., breakthrough) innovation, the two most powerful technologies for ensuring leaders and organizations can cope with relentless change, survive ruthless disruption, and deliver exponential value creation. As a leadership futurist, Nick helps audiences not just envision an exciting future but also shift how they think and act to cause the future they want. His ideas and tools can reliably transform outdated yet change-resistant behaviors and mindsets. Whether headlining at a conference a top 100/300/500 leadership event, Nick touches the hearts and minds of attendees and inspires them rethink, reimagine, and rejuvenate so they rise to their challenges with more creativity, clarity, and courage than ever. He encourages, empowers, and enthuses audiences to innovate, transform, and triumph in the face of adversity and complexity so they win in the disrupted world. He engages people of all types in mission-critical topics through cutting-edge ideas, interactive experiences, personal stories of success and failure, and infectious enthusiasm. He provides actionable insights to accelerate growth while offering practical tips to solve debilitating pain points in the present. A renowned thought leader with degrees in medicine and philosophy of science from two of the global top 10 universities (Cambridge summa cum laude, UCL), Nick has spent 30 years cracking the transformation code. As a result, he has developed an original theory (BTX®) and robust methodology (Self-to-System™) for driving individual, organizational, and systemic change as fast as humanly possible. Nick is the co-founder and CEO of leadership+innovation hybrid Switch On Leadership. Operating worldwide, out of LDN and LAX, SOL works with great corporations (e.g., Unilever, Walgreens, Intel, HSBC, Syngenta, Kellanova, Smucker's, AbbVie, Genentech), government agencies (e.g., Cabinet Office, NHS), and non-profits (e.g. GBC, WWF, Rockefeller Foundation, Oxfam), With his team at SOL, Nick strives to craft the most transformative and so effective leadership, teamwork, innovation, and culture programs on the planet. Over 25 years, SOL has invented game-changing ways to unlock truly transformational leadership, breakthrough innovations and exceptional teamwork. Nick has coached, advised, and empowered 100,000+ Fortune 500 leaders, start-ups/scale-ups founders, local/national political leaders, policymakers, and changemakers. He has led 100+ purpose-led innovation programs, incl. catalyzing the most successful TV show of all time. He has contributed to billions of dollars of inclusive growth and outsized value creation. A serial entrepreneur of multiple purpose-led enterprises, Nick has written six books, lectured at Yale, UC Berkeley, and Oxford, appeared in The Times and The Economist, written a column in the FT, been invited to Talks@Google and Aspen Ideas Festival, and starred as a transformation coach on two hit global TV shows (BBC, MTV).
A standing ovation! I am already sharing the insights with my leaders. Thank you! CEO, Unilever USA Nick was the highlight of the 2-day conference. He made it worth going to. Thought-provoking, insightful, and very enjoyable. SVP, Investment Bank Nick had a pronounced and profound impact. Exceptional! President, Kellogg’s North America Nick transformed our event with an engaging and evocative talk that hit all the nails that we put out there. It set a perfect scene for the remainder! Head of Marketing, Syngenta US An eye-opener and also a wake-up call! Senior Economist, Pfizer
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