World Champion Adventure Athlete

Rebecca Rusch

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< $25,000

Travels From

Sun Valley, IDAHO

At a glance:

Rebecca translates extraordinary experiences from decades as a champion athlete, explorer and entrepreneur into relatable terms to captivate and motivate your team, organization or community.

Rebecca Rusch has spent over 30 years chasing “firsts” – podiums, PRs, and championship titles, yes, but also breaking ground with never-before-imagined adventures, destinations and projects that have challenged and shaped her personally and professionally. It’s this continual engagement with “what’s next” that has fueled her curiosity, satisfied her soul, fed her desire for growth, connection and change and grounded her in the belief that operating out of the comfort zone is the only way for us to evolve as humans, contribute to the greater good and enjoy the richness life can offer. She’s had the good fortune to gain so much from so many, and part of the fun has been sharing the most enduring lessons she’s learned along the way.

Some she’s broken down into equations: give = get, risk = reward, blood flow = brain flow, dogs = teachers (she’s serious!). Some have informed her core principles: exploration, pushing boundaries, making a difference, and sharing experiences. What about you? Is this your year to tick a bucket list item, expand your horizons, explore someplace new, build on past success? Rebecca wants to cheer you on, and invites you to #JoinTheRusch!

  • Navigating Home

    Rebecca leads us on an amazing, soul-baring journey, from extreme adventure racing to a solo journey through the jungles of Laos, and finds her purpose along the way.
  • Rusch to Glory

    Rebecca weaves her story among the exotic locales and extreme conditions that forged an extraordinary athlete from ordinary roots. While she might seem like a superhuman playing out a fistful of aces, her empowering story proves that anyone can rise above self-doubt to find their true potential.
Rebecca Rusch has presented twice at Tugboat Institute Summit, our annual gathering of purpose-driven CEOs in Sun Valley, Idaho, and in both instances her presentations were equal parts inspiring and captivating. And, in her leadership of our group on the mountain bike trail and throughout the two events, Rebecca’s warm personality, active listening, and gentle coaching made the experience memorable and fun for all.

— Dave Whorton, Founder & CEO, The Tugboat Group

Rebecca Rusch is relentlessly fast racing a bike, but before she became one of the world's greatest endurance athletes, she was a normal person like you or me, just tougher and more determined. Known as the Queen of Pain for her incredible perseverance, Rusch's story can inspire anyone to discover their own greatness.

— Velopress

Rebecca was our keynote speaker for our first-ever IMBA Women's UPRISING, a summit created to inspire and empower female mountain bikers to engage and share their expertise with the cycling community. The journey she shared with this audience motivated so many to leave our summit feeling empowered to "do something." I have to assume she left there with over 100 new friends.

— Aimee Ross, Bike Bentonville

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