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Simon J. Anderson

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Minneapolis, MINNESOTA

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Simon J. Anderson is an applied foresight consultant and speaker with his company Venture Foresight. In his role as a futurist, he helps leaders spot opportunities created by change and teaches specific actions to be better positioned for the future.

Simon J. Anderson is an applied foresight speaker and consultant. He helps leaders and organizations be more future-ready and has shared his compelling message with thousands of senior executives and other leaders in a variety of industries from coast to coast in the United States, as well as internationally. In 2013, he founded Venture Foresight, a company dedicated to helping leaders recognize opportunities created by emerging technologies and trends.

Anderson co-authored the 2014 Bellwether Award-winning book Foresight 20/20: A Futurist Explores the Trends Transforming Tomorrow with fellow global futurist Jack Uldrich. With two new chapters and hundreds of updates, the 2015 “Updated & Expanded” edition broadened the focus to include new industries, insights, and advancements.

As a former member of the international organization Communities of the Future, Anderson worked to promote and facilitate “future’s thinking’ in communities around the world. His work as a futurist also informed his roles as an advisor to several technology startups and a multinational education non-profit organization.

Anderson’s insights on emerging technology have been featured in a wide variety of publications including Crain’s Business News, Commercial Factor, a publication of the International Factoring Association, the Austrian management magazine the Hernsteiner, and the Fall 2018 edition of Executive Connections, a publication of the International Executive MBA Council. His new book, tentatively titled Outrunning Automation: A Professional’s Guide to Creating Value in a Fast-Changing World is due out later this year.

Anderson and his wife Helena Cruz Sánchez live in Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA


  • Using "3A Thinking" to Be More Future-Resilient

    Futurist Simon J. Anderson spent years developing his “3A Thinking” approach to recognizing and understanding significant emerging trends and technologies. In this keynote, he shares this powerful way of thinking about the future differently. Participants leave this presentation equipped to spot important trends, think about ways that these trends could impact the near future, and with actions that they can take that day to be better positioned to thrive in our fast-moving future.
  • Emerging Opportunities: Recognizing the Technologies and Trends Transforming Your Industry

    This customized keynote takes a thought-provoking look into the near future of your industry. It helps leaders recognize important trends and technologies that are reshaping the industry, and provides new approaches to anticipating the opportunities and challenges that these advancements could create. Lastly, you will learn specific actions and next steps that you can take right away to make your organization more future-resilient.
  • Creating an Organizational Culture that Will Survive and Thrive in the Future

    Are you experiencing difficulties attracting and retaining Millennial talent? If so, you’re not alone. Finding qualified workers who are going to stick around for a while is a chief concern among many executives today. This keynote helps leaders understand how trends and technologies are reshaping the workforce and workplace today. Topics include generational trends, automation, consumer trends, specific emerging technologies.
Simon is the brightest young futurist I know. I rely heavily on his outstanding ability to identify significant emerging technologies and trends, and have come to depend upon his keen understanding of how these trends will affect business in the future. As my reverse-mentor, his contributions and insights have proven invaluable.

— Jack Uldrich – Acclaimed futurist, keynote speaker & best-selling author

Simon’s presentation was insightful and eye-opening. He gave our Board of Directors and our Management Team a lot to think about throughout our strategic planning process. I highly recommend him.

— Edward F. Manzi, Jr., Chairman & CEO, Fidelity Bank

Simon Anderson was a keynote speaker for the 2016 annual Midwest Fall Educational Conference for the ISM (Institute for Supply Management). Simon gave an eye-opening presentation that allowed us to look at near-future trends that will impact our profession across all industries. He was engaging, entertaining and provided actions that we all can use to be more future resilient!

— Daniel S. Feder, ISM Board Member

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