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Bob Woodward

Legendary Pulitzer Prize-Winning Investigative Journalist; Associate Editor, The Washington Post; and Author, 21 Bestsellers

Bob Woodward gained international attention when he and Carl Bernstein uncovered the Watergate scandal in 1973. Since then, he’s worked to shine a light on the inner-workings of secret government. Woodward’s factual, non-partisan revelations to readers and speech audiences provide a view of Washington they’ll never get elsewhere. Woodward has written about the last nine U.S. presidents and chronicled how the power of the presidency has evolved. He is author of 20 bestselling books – 14 went to #1 – more than any contemporary nonfiction writer.

Donna Brazile

Adjunct Professor, Author, Syndicated Columnist, Television Political Commentator, Vice Chair of Voter Registration & Participation at the Democratic National Committee

Donna Brazile, a trailblazer in American politics and a seasoned political strategist, brings a wealth of experience and insight to the complexities of political leadership and strategy. As a former chair of the Democratic National Committee and a campaign manager for presidential campaigns, Brazile has been at the heart of some of the most pivotal moments in recent political history. Her deep understanding of political dynamics, coupled with her commitment to fostering civic engagement, positions her as a powerful voice on leadership, diversity, and the American political process.

Dr. Daniel Kraft

Physician-Scientist & Innovator

Daniel Kraft is a Stanford and Harvard trained physician-scientist, inventor, entrepreneur, and innovator. With over 25 years of experience in clinical practice, biomedical research and healthcare innovation, Daniel Kraft explores the impact and potential of rapidly developing technologies as applied to health and medicine.

Jason O. Harris

Keynote Speaker, Best-Selling Author and Professional Pilot

Lt Col (ret) Jason O. Harris understands the crucial importance of trust. For over 25+ years, he has flown thousands of flights as a US Air Force pilot and commercial airline pilot. Whether flying cargo and personnel into enemy territory or travelers to Paris, every single flight has required absolute trust between him and his crew. It's a lesson that's been reinforced mission after mission, flight after flight: Trust your people like your life depends upon it.

But Jason doesn't just understand the importance of trust; he knows how to build it-through a culture of deep commitment, accountability, and empowerment.

As a Squadron Commander and Instructor at the US Air Force Academy, he discovered the principles behind the trust he experienced in the cockpit. As he implemented those principles in his squadron, he saw trust skyrocket, performance improve, and engagement increase.

Today he shares these principles through keynotes, training, and video courses with organizations ready to move beyond average and empower their leaders and teams with No Fail Trust®.

Michael Steele

MSNBC Political Analyst & Former Chair of the Republican National Committee

As the former chairman of the Republican National Committee (RNC), Michael Steele was entrusted to revitalize the Republican Party. He is an expert on political strategy, fundraising, PACs, and election reform. Michael Steele delivers a stirring presentation on his personal journey from his childhood as the son of a working mother in Washington, DC, to his difficulties in college, his years in a Catholic seminary, and his election to public office and rise in the Republican Party.