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Claire Haidar

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Claire Haidar is a tech entrepreneur and speaker fascinated by the intersection between systems and human behavior. She believes that if people are going to spend 90% of their time at work, it should be the place where their souls, hearts and minds come alive.

Part chaos, part rocket fuel, Claire Haidar is a technology entrepreneur, downhill mountain biker and future thinker about all things human, work and play.

She believes that work is becoming a chaotic place. This is good and ultimately positive for humanity but it’s highly disruptive for the foreseeable future. Chaos theory defined is this: what appears to be chaotic is, in fact, a complex system, where a lot of micro-changes are happening regularly, in a seemingly unpredictable way. Work on a global level is adopting these exact characteristics. Claire’s deep passion lies in enabling individuals, teams, and organizations to embrace behaviors that enable them to move into this new world of work.

She, and the team she leads at WNDYR, are actively working across three areas of work: humans, workspaces and technology. Technology is the first area where they are focusing their efforts. They are building a platform which enables workflow automation between all the various technologies which people use on a daily basis in their working life. The team’s vision is to be the world’s go-to company for other companies who want to position themselves at the forefront of the future of work. Their belief in technology, human acceleration and workspaces, which create experiences for improved performance, are the driving forces in all that they do, every day.

WNDYR has grown from a team of three to 33 in 24 short months. The company will turnover in excess of $1 million this year and has closed a seed funding round with Intelis Capital. It has attracted an impressive global team and partners who all want to shift the world just a little … or maybe a lot!

WNDYR and Claire have an impressive list of clients which include: EY, Siemens, Credit Suisse, Accenture, Roche, Schlumberger, Asos and many of the world’s leading technology companies.

Claire challenges the status quo, pushes the boundaries on what is possible, and asks the big questions that a lot of us are afraid to really confront and act on. If you want your mental boxes to be challenged; if you want to color outside the lines, then engage with Claire around topics such as the future of work in a world of robots, play as an essential part of work, human acceleration in an automated world and visualizing organizations at work as playgrounds.

She’s building a rocket … you’ll want to board this one.

  • Human Acceleration in a World of Robots

  • Work and Play: Where Happiness Intersects

  • Chaos Theory: A Future-of-Work View

  • Work as a Playground

  • The Work/Life Balance Myth

  • A Work Revolution is Happening: Why You Need to Give a Damn

  • The Cutting Edge of Work: What You Need to Know

We have received great feedback from our Early talents and also the other HR colleagues who attended your sessions.

—Lakshmi Bagare, HR Business Partner, SAP Ariba

Claire is a fantastic and inspiring speaker! I had the pleasure of working with her when she moderated a panel on Digital Transformation at our Wrike Collaborate conference. It was clear Claire had invested time and research into preparing for the panel and was passionate about the topic. She led a lively and engaging discussion, which benefitted the audience because it was practical, but also thought-provoking.

—Allyson Scott, Public Relations Director, Wrike

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