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Dr. Dambisa Moyo

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Dr. Dambisa Moyo is a pre-eminent thinker, who influences key decision-makers in strategic investment and public policy. She is respected for her unique perspectives, her balance of contrarian thinking with measured judgment, and her ability to turn economic insight into investible ideas. Virtual Programs Now Available.

Dr. Dambisa Moyo is a pre-eminent thinker, who influences key decision-makers in strategic investment and public policy. She is respected for her unique perspectives, her balance of contrarian thinking with measured judgment, and her ability to turn economic insight into investable ideas. 

Dambisa has earned a strong reputation as a top-tier opinion former and trusted advisor on Macroeconomics, Geopolitics, Technology and Millennial themes. She is a Board member of The 3M Company, Chevron and Conde Nast. She holds a Doctorate in Economics from Oxford, a Masters from Harvard, and is recognized for fresh and innovative ideas as the 

Author of four (4) New York Times Bestselling Books: 

  • Edge of Chaos: Why Democracy is Failing to Deliver Economic Growth and How to Fix It (2018) 
  • Winner Take All: China’s race for Resources and What it Means for the World (2012) 
  • How the West Was Lost: Fifty Years of Economic Folly and the Stark Choices Ahead (2011) 
  • Dead Aid: Why Aid is Not Working and How There is a Better Way for Africa (2009) 

Dambisa is an honorary fellow of the Foreign Policy Association and member of the Bretton Woods Committee. 

Dambisa was named to the list of Time Magazine’s 100 Most Influential People in the World; has published in the Financial Times, WSJ, Barrons, Harvard Business Review and has travelled to over 65 countries. In her spare time, she runs marathons and practices Pilates.


  • Snapshot of the Global Macroeconomy

    International economist Dambisa Moyo identifies and contrasts the tactical, short-term challenges (debt and deficit management) versus structural problems (unemployment, depleted infrastructure, etc.) affecting the global economy. Dr. Moyo will explain the four directions that the global economy could take over the coming years in the aftermath of the financial crisis. She highlights the risks in the global macroeconomy and geo-political order with weaker global growth and the possibilities of the disintegration of the G-20, disagreements on the path of banking regulation, increased protectionism via outright trade policies and FX interventions (such as beggar-thy-neighbor policies). Against this backdrop Dr. Moyo considers the convergence economically and politically and advises on the best strategic plans for global businesses.

    Available in Virtual Format
  • Meeting the Challenges of the Evolving Global Economy

    Dambisa Moyo offers recommendations for how global businesses will make investment decisions, manage their people, finance expansion across products and geographies, mitigate risk, how to remain profitable, be competitive and expand their businesses in an economically challenging global economy. Having visited over 50 countries, she leverages her experiences, on-the-ground network and relationships with politicians, policymakers, business persons and opinion leaders to inform a practical strategy for businesses investing across the developed and developing world. She explains what businesses and households have to do to strengthen their balance sheets, and details the policy actions that governments must take to ensure the West is on a constructive long-term economic path.

    Available in Virtual Format
  • An Unconventional Path to the Corporate Boardroom

    For over 10 years Dambisa Moyo has served on the board of directors of large, complex, global corporations. In over a decade as a corporate board member, she has helped confront numerous strategic, succession, and cultural shift challenges that continue to define the business landscape. Given her background, academic and work experiences, she has forged an unconventional path to the board room, navigating successes and failures along the way.

    Available in Virtual Format
Dr. Moyo's presentation was one of the best I have seen. The information she offered was timely and fact-filled. Her presentation encompassed so many important areas that will affect the financial plans of families and generations to come.

—2017 Investment Advisor Forum

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