Keynote Speaker, Owner & President of Latitude 35 Leadership

Jason Caldwell Speaking Fee: $10,000 to $20,000

Keynote Speaker, Owner & President of Latitude 35 Leadership

Speaking Fee:
$10,000 to $20,000

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Jason Caldwell Speaker Profile: At A Glance

Jason is the President and Owner of Latitude 35 Leadership, which uses experiential training to explore the finer art of leading and maintaining high performance teams. He has worked with advanced managers in over 30 Fortune 500 companies, and has taught at the Executive Education department of some of the top Business schools to include Wharton, Darden, Emory, Columbia School of Business, and others. As a speaker with over 13 years experience, Jason draws from the hard-earned perspective he's learned leading teams through grueling endurance challenges. He touches on themes of high-performance team leadership, team dynamics, risk assessment and mitigation, while using his record breaking Atlantic row attempt, amongst others, as a backdrop to illustrate his points. Jason is also passionate about emotion-driven leadership, as explored in his book “Navigating the Impossible”, and the power of understanding and leveraging your "why" as teams take on challenges.

Jason Caldwell is a world record holding athlete, business owner, author, teacher, husband, and father. Jason was born in Walnut Creek, California. Growing up, he played the classic American sports of baseball and American football, playing baseball in college and eventually semi-pro for the San Francisco Angels. Injury prevented Jason from pursuing baseball at the professional level, but paved the way for the introduction to the sport of rowing. Jason rowed for his collegiate team at Sonoma State University. Upon graduation Jason was invited to row for Vesper Boat Club in Philadelphia. Vesper - known as the most successful rowing club in the United States - invites 16 of the countries’ best rowers to their elite year- round team. For the next three years Jason trained and lived at Vesper, going from the last invited athlete to eventually earning his way to the top boat, winning two gold medals, a silver, and a bronze at Nationals along the way. After his career at Vesper, Jason founded Latitude 35 (Lat 35), a leadership development company that trains global 500 companies in leadership and high-performance. Currently Lat 35 works with over 40 global organizations to include Salesforce, Roche, Nike, AWS, and Mckinsey & Co. Jason complements his work with these companies by teaching at a number of universities through their Business Schools including Wharton, Columbia, London Business School, and Haas School of Business. As an athlete Jason continues to push his personal limits while challenging the boundaries of the impossible. To date Jason has rowed 3,000 miles across the Atlantic Ocean twice (2016 & 2017), the second time breaking the world record as the fastest team to ever row across the Atlantic Ocean. Most recently Jason built and led a team to row across the Pacific Ocean (2021), where they broke the world record by just over nine days. Jason has also trekked, unassisted, across the oldest desert in the world (Namib Desert, Namibia 2018), and has rowed from mainland Spain to the Balearics (2019). All of these adventures were built, trained, and performed under the Lat 35 banner - a way to exemplify his teachings of leadership and teams. Jason has documented his adventures, and the lessons learned, by writing two books. The first book titled What If, tells the story of Jason’s journey from a career ending baseball injury to a world record holder, and those coaches and teammates that helped get him there. This book was eventually picked up by the Oscar-winning Producers of Free Solo and made into a documentary titled Chasing. The second book, titled Navigating the Impossible, is a business application version of the above story, packed with useful lessons on how the business professional can lead his/her teams as well. Jason's accolades have been shared further on the Rich Roll Podcast among others. Currently Jason lives in Danville, CA with his wife Amelia and son Tristan. When he’s not out on his adventures or teaching, Jason can be found spending time with his family, golfing, reading, journaling, and sipping fine American whiskey.
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