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Sally Hogshead believes the greatest value you can add is to become more of yourself. Sally created the Fascination Advantage®, the first personality assessment that measures how others perceive you.

Sally Hogshead believes the greatest value you can add is to become more of yourself. Sally created the Fascination Advantage®, the first personality assessment that measures how others perceive you. After researching over 600,000 people, her algorithm can pinpoint your most valuable differentiating traits. Unlike Myers-Briggs or StrengthsFinder, this test doesn’t measure how you see the world – but how the world sees you. Her recent book, HOW THE WORLD SEES YOU, was a #1 Wall Street Journal bestseller. The science of fascination is based on Sally’s decade of research with dozens of Fortune 500 teams, hundreds of small businesses, and over a thousand C-level executives. At the start of her career, Sally skyrocketed to the top of the advertising elite, writing commercials that fascinated millions of consumers. At the age of 24, she was the most award-winning copywriter in the U.S., and opened her first ad agency at age 27. Her work still hangs in the Smithsonian Museum of American History. She frequently appears in national media, including NBC’s “Today”show and the New York Times. Sally is one of only 200 professional speakers since 1977 to be inducted into the Speaker Hall of Fame, the industry’s highest award for professional excellence.

  • How to Introduce Yourself with Value

    Optional interactive exercise (for keynote 60 minutes or more):
    The 9-Second Personal Brand Anthem Exercise: How to Introduce Yourself with Value

    Sally Hogshead estimates that roughly 90% of introductions fail to engage a conversation, let alone a relationship. In fact most of the time, when we introduce ourselves to a prospective client or contact, we're actually damaging our personal brand.

    Why? Because too few people realize how to immediately communicate their value.

    In this innovative and interactive session, Sally will teach each person in your audience how to highlight his or her own personality advantage. A recent pilot study for Unilever demonstrated that after the study, participants were 34% more confident in their introduction.

    By the end of this session, every participant in the room will have created their own 9-seond "elevator pitch" to earn respect and interest. Participants learn how to identify their unique advantages, and articulate this more clearly in all areas of their professional brand.
  • Marketing and Business Trends

    CAPTIVATE YOUR CUSTOMER: How Fascinating Companies Win the Moment

    When you fascinate your customers, they're more likely to remember you, buy from you, and rave about you. Yet in today's distracted and competitive environment, most messages are either forgotten or ignored.

    In a competitive market, the most fascinating option always wins. How will your participants compete, and win?

    Sally's research uncovers new trends in how the brain establishes patterns of loyalty and respect. For example, she discovered that by applying certain hardwired triggers, a fascinating brand can charge up to four times more than its competitors.

    Taking audiences on a high-velocity journey through neurology, economic, and pop culture, Sally handpicks case studies and shares custom audience analysis. Participants will be buzzing long after the keynote ends, inspired by new ideas to transform their business.
  • Professional Development, Sales, and Leadership

    HOW TO FASCINATE: From First Impressions to Lasting Value

    We live in a distracted world. The average attention span is just 9 seconds. Yet if we only have 9 seconds to communicate value, how do we break through? To stop the distraction, and engage a listener, we must create moments of intense focus.

    Yet when we do break through-when we use our personality advantages to connect and communicate-the results are extraordinary.

    Sally Hogshead teaches audiences how to communicate and add value in the first 9 seconds. Participants learn how to fascinate, to become more memorable and valued.

    When companies learn how to fascinate, their products become more desirable, their customers turn into advocates, and their best employees never want to leave.

    Sally explores the science of personal branding, based her original research of 100,000 people. Audiences will learn how to:

    - Identify their personality's top advantage
    - Make stronger first impressions
    - More quickly earn respect and trust
    - Increase value among co-workers

    This is a powerful, funny, high-energy presentation, filled with interaction. Each participant discovers his own unique advantage to be heard and remembered.
(Sally Hogshead and the Fascination Advantage Assessment) were a 10 on the cultural impact meter. We’ve brought in Sally two times; each time to a broader audience of our office principals and staff. Her message is THAT important.

— Rob Hicks, Director, Training & Education, Marketing Communications NFP

The Fascination Advantage is remarkably accurate, and has immediate applicability in terms of providing an actionable roadmap for team interactions! There are so many personality assessments out there, and this is the first and only one to give clear road map of how others see you, to instantly know your blind spots, and work more effectively with others. I used this as an icebreaker at a recent all-hands meeting, and the energy was immediately moving around the room as everyone interacted on a whole new level.

— Karyn Scott, Director, Global Go To Market Programs Cisco, Inc.

By enabling us to identify each team member’s highest value during the hiring process, the Fascination Advantage Assessment™ has helped us to assign team members to the right role based on their personality. This approach has helped us boost sales by 50% and almost doubled our retention rate.

— Joe Counts, President Commonwealth Planning

The greatest value you can add is to become more of yourself

It’s time to stop thinking about how you see the world and start thinking about how the world sees you, Hogshead said. It’s a crucial shift, but all real estate professionals need to learn how to apply their ... Read more

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