Bestselling Author, Motivational Speaker, Entrepreneur, and Founder of Outperform The Norm

Scott Welle

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Outperformers are not born; they’re made. We ALL have the capacity to “raise our game,” and Scott Welle has spent more than 15 years helping people do this, personally and professionally. Scott has authored 8 best selling books and regularly consults with top performing executives, sales professionals and entrepreneurs, as well as elite athletes, all with one common goal: to OUTPERFORM.

Scott Welle is a #1 international best-selling author, motivational speaker, entrepreneur, and Founder of Outperform The Norm – a leading program for business leaders and athletes looking raise their game and perform at the highest level.

While the rest of the competition is playing not to lose, Scott teaches people to play to win. His proprietary “Outperform” formula ensures people fall asleep at night knowing they are making the most of their precious days on this planet. For this, Fox 9 in Minneapolis-St Paul has called him a “Motivational Expert” and he was recently named the 2021 Midwest Motivational Speaker of the Year.

Scott has successfully engaged audiences from Northwestern Mutual, State Farm, Edward Jones, Caribou Coffee, Sherwin Williams, Toyota and Chevrolet. He has spoken in 27+ states to 100,000+ people; students from 49+ countries have taken his online courses; 1,000,000+ video views across social platforms; author of 9 best-selling books in peak performance/self-help; Adjunct professor in Sport Psychology – and 20+ years studying and working with Outperformers in business and athletics.

Scott’s eight best-selling books, articles, videos, podcasts and online programs inspire hundreds of thousands of people worldwide. He has a Master’s degree in Sport Psychology – and serves on advisory committees of three national level organizations. He regularly speaks and consults with top performing executives, sales professionals and entrepreneurs, as well as elite athletes, all with one common goal: to OUTPERFORM.

Scott enjoys pushing his own physical and mental limits, completing five Ironman triathlons, 29 marathons – and a 100-mile ultra marathon run. He is very close with his brother, Jason. Together they “plod” at least one marathon together each year, laughing the whole way.

  • OUTPERFORM THE NORM: Raise Your Game

    Today’s competition is brutal and numbers drive everything. The pressure to perform can be suffocating. What are you doing to stay ahead and keep from burning out?

    Join Scott Welle as he shares the peak performance strategies used by high achievers to take your “game” to the next level:

    • Shift ONE word in your vocabulary that can lead to 30% more happiness and fulfillment
    • Unleash sustainable energy, stamina and physical vibrancy – so you are as fresh at 4pm as you are at 8am
    • Implement a 4-step process to thrive through change, personally and professionally
    • Challenge limiting beliefs about your performance standards that may be holding you back
    • Unlock the mindset shift that world-class performers use to get stronger from adversity

    This dynamic, high-energy presentation will help you raise your personal standard of excellence and give you an effortless action plan to put into place immediately.


    Goal setting MAXIMIZES everything you do. It’s like using a GPS - you identify an end destination and then map a route, with exact turn-by-turn directions, to create an estimated time of arrival on how to get there the fastest and easiest.

    If done well, goal setting empowers and creates performance breakthroughs. If done poorly, it demotivates and can potentially destroy a team’s culture.

    Discover how to:

    • Implement a simple 3-step process all Outperformers use to own and smash their goals
    • Stay on track, consistently, even when you’re unmotivated and unfocused
    • Leverage the latest science of habit formation to build “peak performance routines”
    • Avoid the BIG goal setting mistakes most people make (and I’ve made too!) that sabotages their success
    • Compare the value of goals vs. systems in productivity and peak performance

    “Daily Execution. Extraordinary Results.” goes deep into the science of goal achievement, motivation and habit formation. It will change the way you look at your performance and personal potential.

    Legendary leaders aren’t born; they’re made. They have exceptionally high standards, are able to persevere through change and conflict – and have the ability to consistently get the best out of others in working toward a common, shared goal.

    • Cultivate the two things that outperforming leaders use to create a culture of high performance
    • Define your unique leadership traits that make you someone others are dying to follow
    • Cast a compelling vision that your team can rally behind (yes, we ALL need this skill!)
    • Boost performance under pressure, faster and easier – by creating an “Alter Ego”
    • Utilize the three elements legendary leaders use in team communication to maximize performance

    “The Five C’s of Legendary Leadership” dispels the myths around leadership and details what transformational leaders do differently, and BETTER – to raise the game of others.

    This presentation will be customized to the target audience – and delivered in everything from a 60-minute keynote to a full-day workshop.

    This is not theory – it is the science of influence. It goes deep into our biological, ingrained behaviors and giving you the specific insights into how to be more persuasive, online and/or offline – to drive bottom-line sales results.

    • Boost influence by recognizing and pulling the “6 persuasive levers”
    • Shift your communication style to immediately become 93% more effective
    • Leverage the essential “BLT” of persuasion – without feeling slimy or inauthentic
    • Make yourself memorable and magnetic to people around you
    • Uncover the real reason we buy products, ideas, and services (hint: it has nothing to do with price!)

    After hearing this presentation, attendees will have a clear-cut understanding of why people buy from you (or why not) – and be equipped with the sales strategies to be as persuasive and successful as possible.
You did a phenomenal job!

— Kristy Larson, Starkey Hearing

Thanks for the fantastic presentation last week! That was of the best talks I've heard in a long time.  

— Josh Spurgeon, One Call Concepts

The feedback from attendees was nothing but positive - thanks, Scott!

— Ray Lewis, Sherwin Williams

Thanks so much, Scott! It is the first time in SIX YEARS this division has been winning!

— Ryan Christopherson, DJO Global

He was engaging, inspiring, and best of all, connected with our leadership team on a deeper level.

— Jeff Wollerman, Cretex Companies

We have had many speakers, but I cannot recall another getting so much positive feedback as Scott.

— Jack Baloga, C-group

He connects so well with his audience!

— Wendy Bloom, United Healthcare

You were a Rock Star at our Conference!

— Gina Cotroneo-Dabe, Allina Health

Your message is so important, powerful and meaningful for anyone wanting to grow and be at their best.

— Derek Tamm, Northwestern Mutual

Scott’s energy, passion and enthusiasm are contagious!

— Sue Nelson, Navigate Forward

He knocked the ball out of the park and was spot on!

— Brian McQuade, Edward Jones

The salespeople said it’s the best meeting they’ve ever had!

— Debbie Tufts, Toyota

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