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From Composition To Applause: Transformation With Kai Kight

    In searching for transformation, people often look to those they are trying to emulate to imitate processes or products.  But what they should really be imitating is the MINDSET of those innovators.   Composer and innovation expert, Kai Kight, recognized that perfectly performing the works of Bach and Mozart was not the true measure of his skill as a […]

Harness The Power Of Celebrity And Influencer Marketing With GA

    Is your brand connected with what your audience cares about? Influencer Marketing reinforces a brand’s reputation and fosters credibility. Partnering with influencers allows a brand to gain the trust of their audience. This is the perfect tool to grow a following of loyal brand advocates. It amplifies brand awareness and increases your revenue. Through […]

Remembering 9/11: A Note From A New Yorker

    Remembering 9/11 Twenty Years Later A Note From the CEO       Growing up in Brooklyn and attending high school in the shadows of the Twin Towers in the late 90s, I am lucky enough (and old enough) to remember New York before 9/11. Memories like: Taking in the view with my […]

Meet GA's Music Division: It Takes an Artist to Understand an Artist

    Happy Tuesday! Today we are continuing our “tour” of the Gotham Suite of Services. So picture this… You’ve booked your educational sessions; your audience is informed, networked, and motivated. But there’s still something missing…. the party!! We’ve been booking bands and musical acts for both corporate and college performances for years. Gotham’s Entertainment […]

Meet Us At The 50: Maximizing Organizational Health With Paul Epstein

    Forget the New Normal.  It’s time for the Next Normal. As we move forward leaders will continue to face unprecedented (yes, we used that word again) challenges as we shift our efforts from surviving to thriving. Paul Epstein, former NFL & NBA executive and leadership coach, has seen first hand the power that leaders have in securing the […]

Elvis, Aretha, And Bruce Had It Right - Everyone Needs A Pink Cadillac

    Business is booming and the world is re-opening.  We can actually see the smiles on people’s faces.   So why are we still feeling burned out and exhausted? Ryan Campbell, the youngest person ever to fly solo around the world and an expert in overcoming adversity, has seen firsthand how success often goes hand-in-hand […]

GA Suite Of Services: Leadership Training And Development Workshops

    Hello Gotham Family! We love our keynotes!  We always have.  We always will. But there are times when a keynote is just a jumping off point.  In these instances workshops and extended learning are an incredible way to explore topics and ideas in order to create more lasting transformation. As with selecting a keynote, […]

Pleased To Meet You...Hope You Guess My Name

*|MC_PREVIEW_TEXT|* Hello Gotham Family!In the immortal words of the Rolling Stones….Please Allow Me To Introduce Myself…. The Gotham Artists team has always been incredibly proud of the diversity of events that we design, support, and fulfill.  While the keynote presentation will always be the foundation of the work that we do, the depth of our […]

The Gotham Collective

Here at Gotham, we know the key to making any event shine is a dynamic and engaging speaker who can entertain, motivate, and challenge your audience. We are thrilled and honored to exclusively manage these outstanding storytellers and artists. Find your next source of inspiration here today! Kai Kight – Violinist, Composer, Motivational Speaker As […]

Gotham Artists + Cameo = A Match Made in Video

For 12 years Gotham Artists has been working to bring the world’s greatest thinkers, celebrities, achievers, and musicians to your stages. But as with all things – the speaking industry is innovating and evolving. COVID has only accelerated this change, and we are now able to connect in so many ways that take us beyond the keynote. And […]

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