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Here at Gotham, we know the key to making any event shine is a dynamic and engaging speaker who can entertain, motivate, and challenge your audience. We are thrilled and honored to exclusively manage these outstanding storytellers and artists. Find your next source of inspiration here today! Kai Kight – Violinist, Composer, Motivational Speaker As […]

Miracle on 36th Street

Hello Gotham Fam, Once again our city is tested. Once again our resolve is pushed to the limit. And once again we are forced to be “New York strong.” With all that’s going on in the world — from the war in Ukraine, to the ongoing Covid pandemic and all the stressors and pressures it puts […]

DEI Continued: Diversity in Demand

  What Even Is Women’s History Month? – The Odyessy Online   By 2022, it is no secret that women desire to see themselves in the board room and on stage. According to a 2019 study by Bizzabo, keynote speakers tend to be primarily male, with a whopping 66.8% taking the stage. There are still some […]

Presenting The Post-Pandemic Consumer Solution

  Have you had to adjust your customer service protocols stemming from the stressful era of COVID?   Maybe a (seemingly) grown adult threw a fit, demanding to speak to upper management because their requested fancy cheese or fruit wasn’t in season, and then proceeded to chew out your employees before screaming obscenities and storming out? Only […]

Meet Neal Moore: A Story Of Unity

    In early 2020 Neal Moore packed his worldly belongings into his humble canoe. He embarked upon a twenty-two-month-long journey across America.  Initially inspired by the mysterious disappearance of a fellow-canoeist, the nomadic adventurer and public speaker discovered a highlight reel of the true American spirit along the way.   In no way discouraged by the sudden global pandemic, Neal persevered […]

Gothamites Unite: Creating Impact On Purpose

    From the author of The Power ofPlaying with Offense, NFL and NBA business executive Paul Epstein is now your coach and coming back with the second season of his podcast, The Playmakers: On Purpose. In partnership with the WHY Institute and produced by Detroit Podcast Studios, Paul continues to give an all-access pass to […]

Breaking News: The Soviet Union Pivot

  “War is Over If You Want It”- John and Yoko Before we get down to business, we want to take a minute to acknowledge our solidarity with the people of Ukraine. War is never the answer. We pray for your safety and the safety of every global citizen, yearning for peace where it doesn’t […]

Leave It Better Than You Found It

    Anndddd we’re back with the final installment of the five pillars from The Power of Playing Offense with Paul Epstein. It’s been a minute since we introduced the foundation to ‘finding your why,’ so before we get into the particulars, skim through our brief refresher below: WHAT IS PLAYING OFFENSE:  Playing offense is […]

What is a Fractional Leader?

      Has your business continued to grow but you’re not yet ready for a full-time C-level employee?  Do you see opportunities in your marketing, sales, operations, finance, or technology but need help capturing them? If so, you might be in the market for a Fractional Leader! What exactly is a Fractional Leader? A Fractional […]

Maximize the Impact of DEI

Greetings Gotham Fam, It’s officially a new year! Hopefully, you all had a splendid, well-rested, and HEALTHY holiday. Here over at Gotham, we’re getting back into the swing of things as we set into the reality that is the year 2022. If you needed a reminder, Black History Month is less than a month away. […]

New Year, New Address: Gotham Team Acting Brand New in Brooklyn

        Hello Gotham Family! This Friday we have some VERY exciting news (drumroll please)… WE HAVE A NEW HOME! We crossed the bridge and now we’re even hipper and cooler in Brooklyn: 33 Nassau Ave #24, Brooklyn, NY 11222 If your accounting team has any questions or needs new vendor forms, please […]

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