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During her talks, described as “candy for the mind,” Erica ignites new ways of thinking; inspires new opportunities and imagines new future-proofed possibilities. Erica’s presentations shift perspectives, spur innovative ideas, and arm audiences with the insights to achieve three critical ingredients: agility + resiliency + readiness.

For nearly two decades, Erica has been at the forefront of change. She speaks about the trends shaping the global landscape, and has keynoted over 250 conferences across the Americas, Europe and Asia. She has also worked with dozens of public and private entities to help inform long-term strategic thinking and innovation.

“My work as a futurist is guided by the sense that we have a completely new canvas on which to experiment and imagine. We are continually confronted with a new reality, a new challenge, a new solution, and a new future. Two visionary pioneers of the field, and founders of The Future Hunters, Edie Weiner and Arnold Brown helped guide me to spot patterns, see connective threads and think critically.

They taught me that the future is a Rorschach test. Our perception of it informs our reality.

Fast forward to now and that knowledge and awareness informs much of how I approach my work today.”

  • Templosion: The Accelerator Effect

    Templosion describes the fact that the biggest of things and the biggest of events are happening in shorter and shorter periods of time.
  • Moving from Artificial Intelligence to Augmented Intelligence

    AI is augmenting human intelligence. This is creating a dynamic that is less about replacement
    and more about enhancement.
  • Generative AI + The Future of Human-Centricity

    The best strategy for getting the most out of generative AI is to tap even deeper into our
    most human cognitive abilities.
  • The Future of Work

    To ensure that we have the thinking required to solve the big issues that will arise in the future,
    competitiveness will rely on the creation of an entirely new skills and competencies framework.
  • Generational Compression: Redefining Gen Z

    Technology is changing so rapidly that kids only a few years apart struggle to have the same
    cultural and technological frames of reference. Understanding what makes this generation tick
    is critical.
  • The Trust Staircase

    Trust is getting harder to define because trust is fluid. Building stakeholder trust will be an ongoing process in everything from ESG principles, to employment practices, to corporate values and ethics.
  • Think Like a Futurist

    Being future ready requires not just lifelong learning…but forgetting. How do we begin to forget the stuff we’re holding onto that doesn’t serve us for where the future is moving?
What makes Erica a very engaging and thoughtful speaker is her desire to understand the audience and then curate the session catering to specific needs.

— Aazath Thamin - Amazon

[Erica’s] ability to translate complex technologies using real-life scenarios provided valuable learnings that we can apply in our own work.

— Sanjay Sehgal Partner, Advisory Services – Head of Markets KPMG

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