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From the author of The Power ofPlaying with Offense, NFL and NBA business executive Paul Epstein is now your coach and coming back with the second season of his podcast, The Playmakers: On Purpose. In partnership with the WHY Institute and produced by Detroit Podcast Studios, Paul continues to give an all-access pass to a purpose-centered tribe of leaders in business, sports, and life who are on a mission of meaning and impact. 

In the previous season, the pro sports executive interviewed self-made entrepreneurs, featured fellow sports titans, and even opened with everyday innovator and friend to Gotham, Josh Linkner. This season you can expect the same energy. 

The premiering episode opened with the founder and CEO of PurposePoint, Davin Salvagno discussing the beginning of his purpose. In this week’s episode, Paul keeps it in the Gotham family. On Wednesday, February 9th, he invites warm and commanding moderator Eva Saha to an intimate conversation on how they can impact on purpose together. 

Known to bring out the best in people, Eva inspires and enlightens Paul, sharing that her gift with the public emerged during childhood, inevitably leading to a prominent career. The professional emcee and host has since interviewed the likes of Magic Johnson, Serena Williams, Michael J. Fox, and Bill Nye. The credit? Eva affirms her ability to be in the now has allowed herself to say yes to the right opportunities. 

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Love & Lysol, 

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