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Cal Fussman

New York Times Bestselling Author, Keynote Speaker, World-Renowned Interviewer, & Host of The Big Questions Podcast

Cal Fussman has interviewed hundreds of the world’s most influential individuals: Muhammad Ali, Jack Welch, Mikhail Gorbachev, Serena Williams, Jeff Bezos, Jimmy Carter, and the list goes on. Now, as a New York Times bestselling author, keynote speaker, world-renowned interviewer, and host of the Big Questions podcast, Fussman travels the world teaching the world’s largest companies, universities, and associations about leadership, storytelling, innovation, teamwork and more.

Celeste Headlee

Award-Winning Journalist, Author, Public Speaker, and Vocalist

As an NPR host and journalist, Celeste Headlee has interviewed hundreds of people from all walks of life. Through her work, she has learned the true power of conversation and its ability to both bridge gaps or deepen wounds. Celeste Headlee has worked as a radio host for decades, and she knows the ingredients of a great conversation: Honesty, brevity, clarity and a healthy amount of listening. In her insightful talk, she shares 10 useful rules for having better conversations. "Go out, talk to people, listen to people," she says. "And, most importantly, be prepared to be amazed."

Eric Schurenberg

CEO of Mansueto Ventures, Publisher of Fast Company and Inc.

Eric Schurenberg is the CEO of Mansueto Ventures. Previously, Schurenberg was the editor of CBS MoneyWatch.com and BNET.com and managing editor of Money. As a writer, he is a winner of a Loeb and a National Magazine Award. In three years at Inc., Eric Schurenberg has presided over the magazine’s 24 percent increase in ad pages, numerous journalism awards and a National Magazine Award nomination for general excellence.

Eva Saha

Emcee, Host & Moderator

Eva Saha is a professional host, emcee and moderator. She is best known for having worked as a TV personality on the Emmy Award winning entertainment show '190 North' on Chicago’s ABC7. Her natural, warm and commanding presence - both on and off-camera - has also made her the host of choice for a variety of in-person and virtual-event clients, from Fortune 500 companies to associations and nonprofit organizations.

Joan Lunden

Award-Winning Journalist, Women's Health & Wellness Advocate, Breast Cancer Survivor, Best-Selling Author

An award-winning journalist, best-selling author, television host, and motivational speaker, Joan Lunden has been a trusted voice in American homes for more than 40 years. For nearly two decades, Lunden greeted viewers each morning on Good Morning America making her the longest running female host ever on early morning television. Joan continues to be one of America’s most recognized and trusted journalists which has made her a sought-after speaker for events across the country. Joan continues to give advice on how to use reinvention as a tool for success in the face of opposition.

Poppy Harlow

Anchor, CNN Newsroom & Podcast Host, Boss Files with Poppy Harlow

Known for her candid, in depth reporting and her deep knowledge of politics and the economy, Poppy has interviewed the world's top leaders including Warren Buffett, Melinda Gates, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, Jamie Dimon, Google CEO Sundar Pichai, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg, Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki – and more.

Steve Burns

Emmy-Nominated Actor & Host, Blues Clues

Steve Burns is an actor and television host best known as the original host of the long-running children's preschool television program, Blue's Clues. The series was rebooted as Blue's Clues and You, with Burns serving as frequent writer, director, and producer. As a speaker, Burns refines and re-examines the message of empowerment and exceptionalism he delivered to a generation of children as they now struggle with the demands and realities of adulting.

Tripp Crosby

Comedic Host & Inspirational Speaker

Tripp Crosby is a comedy filmmaker, live host, and entrepreneur mostly known for his wildly popular youtube sketch “A Conference Call in Real Life”. Tripp’s desire is threefold: to give people a few things to think about as they re-enter the more mundane aspects of their jobs, to offer a few practical tools they can use in their daily lives to gain creative inspiration, and to give them a few good laughs while they are likely sitting through other more serious (probably more boring) presentations.

Wendee Lee Curtis

Emcee, Moderator & Keynote Speaker

Wendee Lee Curtis is a veteran news anchor and Broadway performer bringing the art of news-level production, live entertainment, and the magic of connection to your virtual, hybrid and in-person events. Her experience in both the corporate and theatrical worlds makes her an ideal presenter for hybrid events that need to reach all attendees, virtual or in-house, to be memorable. With her expert knowledge and powerful presence, Wendee will keep your audience engaged from beginning to end. A faculty member at Cornell University, Wendee teaches MBA candidates and legacy leaders how to be candid, confident and captivating on camera.