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Ashley Herd
Speaking Fee: $10,000 to $20,000

Travels From: Available Upon Request

Primary Topic Category: Leadership and Management

Secondary Topic Category: Company Culture / Employee Engagement / Teamwork


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Ashley Herd At A Glance:

Ashley Herd is the creator of @ManagerMethod (Hey Luke!) and founder of Manager Method, to train managers using real-talk, engaging content including her Manager 101 course. Ashley has been a General Counsel and Head of HR, with experience at organizations including McKinsey and Yum! Brands. She teaches HR tips for LinkedIn Learning and has been featured in Financial Times, HR Brew, CNN, Buzzfeed, Washington Post and more. Ashley teaches managers (from first-line leaders to senior executives) how to balance performance with empathy – creating ripple effects for their teams and their own careers.

Ashley Herd is the dynamic force behind the @ManagerMethod social media account and Manager Method platform, designed to revolutionize the way managers engage with their teams and drive performance. With a unique background as a General Counsel and Head of HR, and experience at top-tier organizations such as McKinsey and Yum! Brands, Ashley brings a wealth of experience blended with engaging, real-talk lessons for managers.

Ashley is also a sought-after voice in the industry, including as an instructor for LinkedIn Learning on people management. Her thought leadership has been recognized by the Financial Times, HR Brew, CNN, Buzzfeed, and the Washington Post, highlighting her influence and the substantive impact of her work.

As an advocate for empathy in the workplace, Ashley champions the idea that compassionate leadership doesn’t just improve individual performance, but also fosters a culture of mutual respect, collaboration, and shared success. Her approach is transformative, encouraging managers to create ripples of positive change that extend far beyond the bottom line, nurturing team members’ careers and well-being.

Ashley’s speaking engagements and workshops empower organizations to tailor enterprise solutions that uplift management practices across the board. Her engagements are characterized by a blend of strategic insight and actionable advice, designed to resonate with HR leaders and people managers seeking to cultivate high-performing, humane work environments.

By sharing her journey and lessons learned from the trenches of corporate America, Ashley Herd is not just “speaking” to managers – she’s redefining what it means to lead in the modern workplace.

  • Putting the Human Back in Human Resources

    - Who This Talk Is For:
    This talk is designed for HR professionals, team leaders, and managers who are looking to create a more empathetic and supportive workplace. It's ideal for those who aim to leverage emotional intelligence to enhance employee relations and foster a positive work environment.

    - What Audiences Will Gain:
    Audiences will leave with a deeper understanding of the pivotal role that empathy and emotional intelligence play in human resources. They’ll learn cost-effective and practical strategies to cultivate a company culture that champions open communication, robust support, and personal growth. Ashley teaches audiences how to implement these transformative practices into your HR policies and daily interactions without any additional budget.

    This session will empower audiences to drive meaningful change within your organization, leading to increased employee satisfaction, improved team dynamics, and a workplace where every individual feels valued and invested in.
  • Bringing Your Organization's Values to Life

    - Who This Talk Is For:
    This session is designed for business leaders, HR professionals, and managers committed to transforming their organization’s core values from abstract concepts into daily operational realities. It’s perfect for those seeking to strengthen their company culture and ensure that their values are truly reflected in every aspect of the workplace.

    - What Audiences Will Gain:
    Attendees will leave with actionable insights on how to authentically communicate and integrate their organization's values into everyday business practices. The talk will provide tools and techniques to ensure these values are actively demonstrated, influencing decision-making processes and behavior at all levels. By the end of the session, the audience will be equipped to ensure their organization’s values come to life in ways that team members will notice and vocally appreciate.
  • Combatting Imposter Syndrome

    - Who This Talk Is For:
    This session is designed for managers, team leaders, and individuals who wish to recognize and address imposter syndrome within themselves and their teams. It's ideal for those looking to bolster confidence across their workforce and create a supportive space for growth.

    - What Audiences Will Gain:
    Audiences will leave this talk with practical strategies to identify their own imposter syndrome and 4 practical tools and strategies to counteract its effects. They’ll gain insights into building self-assurance, nurturing a team culture that values transparency, and promoting honest dialogue about setbacks and triumphs—key elements that contribute to overcoming imposter syndrome and fostering a resilient team environment.
  • Becoming an AI-Powered Manager

    - Who This Talk is For:
    This session is designed for people managers with minimal experience in AI tools, to understand how to use AI to better support their teams and propel their career forward.

    - What Audiences Will Gain:
    Audiences will leave with an understanding of the practical ways in which AI can act as a digital performance coach, providing the insights and assistance necessary to not only elevate the functioning of their teams but also to drive personal career growth. They’ll learn how to implement AI as a tool for continuous support and improvement, making managers more efficient in the leadership skills their teams need most.

I’ve been looking forward to this session and it lived up to my self-created hype!

— Krista Rinehart, Centre College

I’ve been looking forward to this session and it lived up to my self-created hype!

— Krista Rinehart, Centre College

You were a perfect ending to the day.

— Amanda Gries, EHRA SHRM

Attendees appreciated that we tackled situations in which they were struggling with and needed more support. This made them trust in us and that we were listening to their concerns. Some attendees shared that re-watching the recordings with the handouts you shared afterwards, was incredibly helpful and informative as some like having written notes to reference.

— People & Operations Director, Nonprofit sector

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