Disability Inclusion Changemaker and Dancer. Stroke Survivor. Autistic. Founder, Infinite Flow Dance.

Marisa Hamamoto Speaking Fee: $10,000 to $20,000

Speaking Fee:
$10,000 to $20,000

Travels From:
SNA - Orange County, CA

Primary Topic Category:
Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) / Social Justice

Secondary Topic Category:
Women's Events


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Marisa Hamamoto At A Glance:

Marisa Hamamoto is the first professional dancer named People Magazine “Women Changing the World.” A leading authority on disability inclusion and building a culture of belonging, Marisa was recently named LinkedIn Top Voice, and has been featured on Good Morning America, NBC Today, Forbes, Fast Company, amongst other media outlets. As a sought after transformational speaker and performing artist who designs unforgettable experiences that cultivate inclusion and belonging, with a specialty in disability inclusion, Marisa has shared the stage with Tim Cook at Apple HQ’s Steve Jobs Theater, and her clients and partners include Google, Apple, Microsoft, Meta, Red Bull, Deloitte, adidas, PayPal, Farmers Insurance, Kaiser Permenente, among other forward-thinking brands. Marisa is a stroke survivor, a late-diagnosed Autistic, and a proud fourth-generation Japanese American. She is the founder of Infinite Flow, an award-winning dance company and nonprofit that employs disabled and nondisabled dancers with a mission to create a more inclusive world, one dance at a time.

The first professional dancer to be named People Magazine “Women Changing the World”, and named InStyle Magazine Badass 50, adidas “women reimagining sport,” CBS News “People Making a Difference”, and featured on Good Morning America and NBC Today, Marisa is an award-winning Transformational Movement Artist, Speaker, and Changemaker dedicated to creating a more inclusive just world where we can each feel alive, not just survive.

Marisa’s lived experiences of her body repeatedly not being accepted as a dancer, her Japanese American identity not fitting the box in many spaces, and surviving a stroke that initially paralyzed her from the neck down, eventually led her to create Infinite Flow in 2015, an award-winning nonprofit dance company that advocates for disability inclusion.  A few years into devoting her life to disability inclusion advocacy, Marisa was diagnosed with two invisible disabilities: PTSD (2021) and Autism (2022). The diagnoses brought much clarity to challenges she’s coped with throughout her life.

Marisa is passionate about transforming forward-thinking businesses through keynotes, performances, and content that inspire inclusivity and move hearts, bodies, and minds, so that their teams become more connected, purpose-driven, and alive. She has shared the stage with Tim Cook, CEO of Apple, and has brought unique unforgettable keynote presentations and performances, to some of the biggest enterprises in the world, including Google, Microsoft, Meta, Apple, Red Bull, NBCUniversal, Deloitte, PayPal, International Monetary Fund, Farmers Insurance, Kaiser Permanente, Porsche, McKinsey & Co, Clifford Chance, amongst other brands. 

Since 2015, Marisa has led Infinite Flow to perform at over 200 events, from large global events to local school assemblies & community festivals. Heading the creative & artistic direction, Infinite Flow’s videos have tracked over 100 million views across social media. During the Covid-19 pandemic, Marisa spearheaded Infinite Flow to turn its in-person elementary school assembly program into a virtual program, launching Scoops of Inclusion, a 47-minute short film celebrating diversity and empowering kids to take an active role in creating a more inclusive world where we each feel we belong.

Marisa is bilingual and bicultural.  She completed her BA & MA from Keio University, Tokyo.  She is an Honorary Member (Distinguished Artist) of the International Association for Dance Medicine and Science. She is a speaker, thought leader, performing artist, and multi-dimensional creator on the rise, seeking to creatively inspire inclusion, innovation, and transformation through movement, dance, and storytelling.

Our company had the honor of having Marisa speak to our workforce about the power of belonging and our universal interconnectedness through movement and dance. Marisa is a transcendent, exemplary presenter whose personal story is inspiring, revelatory, and actionable in its take-aways. Marisa is truly changing the world for the better one dance, one presentation, one connection at a time, and I can’t recommend her enough if you’re wanting a presenter who’s unafraid to be vulnerable in sharing her own life experiences and efforts through her company, Infinite Flow, in encouraging everyone to take chances and contribute their innovation to the world as a vehicle to drive belonging and inclusion for those who feel like they’re often left out. Marisa's story is rife with overcoming trauma and transforming negative situations into positive change that continues to profoundly affect so many others in all the right ways, and I believe her to be an exceptional human being.


Our DEI group invited Marisa as part of our Inclusion Month events. As a member of our ERG for individuals with disabilities, I found her interactive talk, performance, and audience engagement to be so relatable. Marisa's story is not only inspirational but motivational in showing how physical movement benefits the body and mind. Lastly, I received numerous emails, texts, and comments from colleagues sharing their appreciation and compliments.


Her professionalism and captivating performances stole our hearts and helped inspire us to be intentional with efforts around continuously fostering an environment where inclusion and innovation can thrive. We look forward to working with Marisa on future endeavors!


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