Astrophotographer | Speaker

Jon Carmichael Speaking Fee: $10,000 to $20,000

Speaking Fee:
$10,000 to $20,000

Travels From:
LAS - Las Vegas, NV

Primary Topic Category:
Inspiration / Motivation / Overcoming Obstacles

Secondary Topic Category:
Creativity and Innovation


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Jon Carmichael At A Glance:

Jon Carmichael is an American photographer who has dedicated 17 years capturing the essence of inspiring individuals, including luminaries like President Obama and the Dalai Lama. Carmichael's career took a transformative turn when Elton John, a prolific collector of photography, discovered and became the first collector of his astrophotography and fine-art work.

Carmichael received international acclaim when he released a meticulously planned project, "108" - a breathtaking photograph of the 2017 solar eclipse captured from a Southwest Airlines flight. Beyond his photography, Carmichael is a pilot and charismatic speaker - sharing stories of perseverance and the pursuit of dreams, leaving a profound impression on audiences worldwide.

Jon Carmichael is a photographer and keynote speaker with 17 years experience documenting corporate and political events, and specializes in astro-photography contemporary art. He is partnered with many leading brands including Twitter, Dell, and ESPN and has had the honor to work with many inspiring individuals including President Obama, HH The Dalai Lama, Lady Gaga, and others. 

Carmichael has been invited to speak at NASA, TEDx, and Twitter – sharing the inspiring stories behind his photographs and travels. He speaks on the power of curiosity, passion, perseverance, and personal leadership. 

Carmichael is best known for his large cosmic photographic-mosaics. For nearly a decade, his contemporary work remained unseen and was never printed or sold. In 2015, he produced his first set of artist proofs which were discovered and seen for the first time by Sir Elton John. John became Carmichael’s biggest collector and invited him to debut his first series of collectible works titled, “The Decade” at Caesars Palace Las Vegas – giving the public a rare chance to view and collect his printed works for the first time. 

Carmichael spent years plotting how to photograph the 2017 Great American Eclipse. In August 2018, he unveiled his famous, “108.” Called “History’s Most Amazing Photo,” the image shows the moon’s shadow passing over the Snake River between Oregon and Idaho. 

Carmichael’s “108” and the story behind the impossible photo has been seen far and wide, even catching the attention of David Copperfield. For the next Great American Solar Eclipse – the last until 2044 – Copperfield has invited Carmichael onto his private jet to help him achieve capturing yet another impossible photograph.

Amazing. I was immediately struck by Jon's photo. But, like most things, the story behind it was awe-inspiring. So excited for the world to hear it, and be reminded of that moment we were all looking at the sky together.

— Jack Dorsey, Former CEO of Twitter

Jon Carmichael is the living Vivian Maier. Honoured to be his first collector and hope more people hear his story.

— Elton John, Singer-Songwriter

Wow! What an amazing story behind this photo. Jon’s story is truly an inspiration.

— George Takei, Actor

Jon Carmichael is the gale force breathe of fresh air that every corporate event needs.  He’s insanely charming, playful, self-deprecating and immeasurably talented.  Jon’s journey to create the seminal image of the August 2017 total solar eclipse is a tale you NEED to hear.  He’s not just a talented photography and storyteller, he’s simply a really good human.

— Brian Burkhart, Founder of Squareplanet/ Event Producer

You’ve just wrapped the presentation for Ascensus…I know this because I’m being flooded with RIDICULOUSLY POSITIVE comments about you.  Of course, I didn’t do a damn thing except connect some dots, you did all the hard stuff.  Needless to say, great job, thanks for being your awesome self and making me look good in the process!!

  • Here are two example of the love you’re getting:
    • "Carmichael was incredible. What an amazing story.” - Jason Crane
    • "OMG – he was absolutely amazing -  His passion and emotion is so genuine and contagious!!  Thank you for connecting us!  What a great way to kick off our last day” - Carolyn Fraser

— Carolyn Fraser, Acensus

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