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Adam Markel is a #1 Wall Street Journal, USA Today, and Los Angeles Times bestselling author of PIVOT: The Art & Science of Reinventing Your Career and Life . A sought-after keynote speaker, MC and workshop facilitator, Adam has reached tens of thousands worldwide by sharing his insights and research to develop greater levels of Resilience.

An attorney, CEO and executive mentor, Adam guides individuals and organizations to create the optimal environment for people to be at their best and succeed, even under the most challenging of circumstances. His most recent books, Change Proof: Leveraging the Power of Uncertainty to Build Long Term Resilience and The I Love My Life Challenge Workbook (inspired by his viral TEDx Talk),reveal the 4 specific areas of incremental growth that are required to succeed over time, as well as tangible, repeatable strategies for better performance in the face of change.

As the host of The Conscious PIVOT podcast, Adam facilitates insightful discussions with business leaders and innovators on strategies to pivot effectively in today’s disruptive marketplace.

  • Create High Performance Leadership Like A Lifeguard

    With 18 years as a trial attorney and 9 years as the CEO of a large training and development company, Adam Markel has much to share with audiences about leadership and resilience. However, his greatest and most enduring lessons came from the 7 years he spent as a lifeguard on the beach in Long Island.

    In this high energy talk, Adam will share what he calls the “Resilient Leadership Model” to help create high performance results — where team members are mentally, emotionally, and physically bought into the same mission. Adam helps his audiences understand that resilience is a lot more than endurance and that leadership means more than simply being in charge. His heart-centered leadership techniques help organizations understand how to nurture their teams so they can outlast the competition and go the distance.
  • Use the P.I.V.O.T. Formula To Create A Culture Of Resilience

    Disruption is inevitable. If your organization is not prepared to manage and make the most of change – or clings to the status quo because of the perceived risk, your days may be numbered: 88% of the Fortune 500 companies from 1955 are no longer in business.

    Without a pivot-ready culture, businesses run the risk of mediocrity creeping in, threatening an organization’s long term profits and its very survival.Our ability to reinvent and innovate – what Adam Markel refers to as “PIVOT-Ability” – is critical to business longevity. Pivoting requires vision, agility, resilience and the ability to utilize change to its fullest.
  • Make Purpose The Lifeline Of Your Company Culture

    Why do people vie to work with companies like Patagonia and Google? Because it is an opportunity for them to transform and grow; not just collect a paycheck. Today, the new currency of success is purpose. Did you know that 91% of consumers would switch for purpose-driven brands? Further, 79% of business leaders believe that an organization’s purpose is central to business success. And, millennials who have a strong connection to the purpose of their organization are 5.3x more likely to stay loyal to that company.

    So what’s required? Adam Markel believes that prioritizing purpose and embracing a culture that rewards learning and self-responsibility will ultimately drive creativity, innovation and performance. Companies with a clear purpose have a powerful competitive advantage on many levels. Most importantly, the more engaged and connected employees are to their work, the less likely they will be to look for other employment and the more effectively they will perform in their current role.
  • Go From Hello To A Handshake In A New York Minute

    We’ve all experienced the traditional model of sales, which is to always be closing. The fact is that high pressure tactics no longer work in today’s authenticity-driven marketplace. Rather than concentrate on simply closing deals, organizations and entrepreneurs have a unique opportunity to open more relationships and to utilize connection and transparency to increase sales.
  • The 7 Keys To Speaking With Heart & Impact

    In this interactive talk, your team will learn the skills required to become a dynamic, engaging and impactful speaker. Whether speaking to a group or one-on-one, the ability to clearly articulate your message and enroll 100% of your audience is one of the most essential skills required to grow and scale your business.

    Successful business owners, executives and leaders are constantly using their communication skills to: Speak their business vision in a way that attracts and retains employees, team members and key executives, share their unique business story to attract investors, and promote their business and magnify its impact.

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