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Our list of sales speakers brings dynamic, results-driven perspectives to any audience. Our team at Gotham has carefully selected speakers who have consistently motivated and inspired sales teams and are available to book in 2024 for your next event. We’ve also included valuable background information on keynote presentations commonly delivered by sales experts.

Who typically books a sales speaker?
Sales Managers and Directors: Looking to boost their team’s performance and motivation.
Corporate Event Planners: Organizing company-wide events focused on improving sales strategies.
Trade Show Coordinators: Planning industry-specific events where cutting-edge sales techniques are discussed.
Conference Organizers: Seeking impactful speakers for sales-focused seminars and workshops.

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Struggling to keep your sales team fired up?

Sales motivational speakers can be the solution you need as they bring strategies and real-world insights that can spark growth and success.

Let’s find out in this article how they can help you smash those targets and leave the competition in the dust.

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Top 10 Sales Motivational Speakers Who Can Transform Your Sales Team

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1. Barbara Corcoran

Barbara Corcoran, a self-made millionaire and influential Shark Tank judge, transforms the art of sales with her charismatic approach and insightful strategies. Learn more about Barbara Corcoran.

2. Scott Welle

Scott Welle, a performance and leadership expert, empowers sales teams to surpass their goals through proven psychological techniques and high-energy motivation. Learn more about Scott Welle.

3. Peter Sheahan

Peter Sheahan, known for his innovative business strategies, offers transformative insights on turning challenges into profitable opportunities with exceptional sales leadership. Learn more about Peter Sheahan.

4. Sylvie di Giusto

Sylvie di Giusto, a pioneer in personal branding, leverages her expertise to help sales professionals make unforgettable first impressions and close deals with confidence. Learn more about Sylvie di Giusto.

5. Connie Podesta

Connie Podesta stands out with her blend of humor and psychology, offering unique perspectives on sales effectiveness and interpersonal communication. Learn more about Connie Podesta.

6. Victoria Labalme

Victoria Labalme applies her expertise in risk-taking and communication to coach sales teams on creating impactful presentations that captivate and persuade. Learn more about Victoria Labalme.

7. Daymond John

Daymond John, a globally recognized entrepreneur and branding expert, shares his journey and strategies for achieving sales success and building lasting customer relationships. Learn more about Daymond John.

8. Paul Epstein

Paul Epstein, with his deep understanding of leadership and team dynamics, inspires sales teams to lead with purpose and significantly boost their performance. Learn more about Paul Epstein.

9. Kindra Hall

Kindra Hall masters the art of storytelling to equip sales professionals with the skills to connect, engage, and convert their audience more effectively. Learn more about Kindra Hall.

10. Ryan Estis

Ryan Estis, a former ad agency executive, delivers dynamic presentations on cultivating a culture of sales excellence and adapting to the rapidly changing business landscape. Learn more about Ryan Estis.


At Gotham Artists, we find top notch talent and ensure your event is seamless and successful. Tap below for pricing and availability of your perfect speaker.

The Benefits of Hiring Motivational Sales Speakers

A significant benefit of sales motivational speakers is their ability to boost team morale.

At Gotham Artists, we’ve seen how the best sales motivational speakers can transform teams. Here’s why they’re indispensable.

Understanding the Sales Environment
Sales is tough. It’s a world filled with rejection, stiff competition, and relentless targets. Without proper support, this pressure cooker environment can sap motivation and productivity. That’s where motivational speakers for sales teams come in, offering fresh perspectives and the much-needed encouragement to keep the drive alive.

The Power of External Influence
Even the best team leaders can get too caught up in the daily grind to inspire new ideas. External motivational speakers sales bring a breath of fresh air, combining their expertise and real-life experience with an outsider’s view. This can light a spark under sales teams, opening them up to new strategies and mindsets.

Boosting Morale and Confidence
One of the key strengths of top sales motivational speakers is their ability to lift spirits. They share inspiring stories and actionable advice, reigniting the team’s enthusiasm and self-belief. This boost in morale can lead to better performance, as motivated teams are more proactive and engaging with clients.

Encouraging Adaptability and Innovation
With the sales landscape always shifting, teams need to be flexible and innovative. Motivational speakers push teams to think differently and adopt new sales techniques and technologies. Staying ahead in a fast-paced market depends on this willingness to innovate.

Here’s an example of adapting to the art of storytelling in sales with Kindra Hall, exploring how a well-told story can deeply influence perception and decision-making:

Cultivating Long-Term Growth Mindsets
Finally, motivational speakers are crucial in fostering a growth mindset among sales teams. They emphasize the value of ongoing learning and adapting, which prepares teams not just for immediate challenges but for long-term success and resilience in their careers.

Sales motivational speakers teach that a growth mindset, as opposed to a fixed mindset, is essential in sales.

In summary, top sales keynote speakers offer invaluable benefits to teams, from revitalizing their motivation and morale to promoting innovation and a growth-oriented mindset.

Selecting the Right Speaker for Your Needs

Tip From Our Team:
“Consider diversity. Ensure a diverse lineup of speakers in terms of background, perspective, and expertise to enrich the event content.”

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Selecting the right sales motivational speaker is a strategic decision that can significantly impact your team’s performance and morale. Here are steps to ensure you make an informed choice:

Step 1: Identify Your Team’s Specific Needs

Start by understanding the unique challenges and goals of your sales team. Are they struggling with adapting to new sales technologies, or do they need a boost in morale after a tough quarter? Identifying these specific needs will help you narrow down speakers who specialize in these areas.

Step 2: Research Potential Speakers

Once you know what you need, begin researching speakers. Look for those with a proven track record in your industry or those who have successfully addressed similar challenges to yours. Check their testimonials, watch their previous talks if available, and read up on their methods and philosophies.

Step 3: Evaluate Their Speaking Style and Content

Each speaker has a unique style – some may be more data-driven, while others might use storytelling or humor. Consider what style would resonate most with your team. Also, evaluate the content of their previous talks to ensure it aligns with your goals and company values.

Step 4: Consider the Logistics

Factor in logistics like budget, speaker availability, and the format of the event (in-person or virtual). Some high-profile speakers might be out of budget or have a long waiting list, so have a few options in mind.

Step 5: Engage in a Dialogue

Before finalizing, engage in a dialogue with the potential speaker. Discuss your objectives, expectations, and the specifics of your team’s situation. This conversation can give you a better sense of whether the speaker truly understands your needs and can tailor their message accordingly.

By meticulously following these steps, you’ll be better positioned to choose a sales motivational speaker who can not only inspire your team but also provide practical insights and strategies aligned with your specific business objectives. This careful selection process will ensure a valuable and impactful experience for your sales team, contributing to their growth and, ultimately, the success of your business.

Encourage your sales team to actively apply the new strategies and ideas learned from sales motivational speakers.

Booking Sales Motivational Speaker Made Simple

If you do not want to go through the whole process discussed above, we have a shortcut for you. Gotham Artists is here to help you find the perfect sales motivational speaker for your next event. Take action, implement the strategies, and watch as your team reaches new heights of success.

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Can motivational speakers tailor their message to our specific sales challenges?

Absolutely. Many motivational speakers will work with you to understand your sales team’s unique challenges and goals. This customization allows them to tailor their message, ensuring it resonates with your team and addresses specific areas for improvement or change.

What should I look for when choosing motivational speakers for sales conferences?

When selecting a sales motivational speaker, look for relevance, experience, and engagement. Ensure their expertise aligns with your industry and sales goals. Evaluate their past performances and feedback to gauge their ability to connect and inspire your team. Personalization and the ability to tailor their message to your specific needs are also crucial factors.


At Gotham Artists, we find top notch talent and ensure your event is seamless and successful. Tap below for pricing and availability of your perfect speaker.

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