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Our curated list of the top 12 futurist speakers is designed to address this very challenge, featuring visionaries who are shaping the future with their groundbreaking ideas and innovations.

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Top Futurist Speakers’ Profiles

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1. Mike Walsh: Futurist & CEO of Tomorrow

Mike designs companies for the 21st century. With an engaging blend of case studies, global perspectives and cutting-edge research, Mike’s original insights help business leaders understand and unleash their future potential.

2. Jack Uldrich: Global Futurist, Speaker, Author 

Jack Uldrich is a well-recognized global futurist, speaker, and the author of thirteen books, including a number of award-winning best sellers. He is a frequent speaker on technology, change management and leadership and has addressed hundreds of corporations, associations and not-for-profit organizations on five continents.

3. Erica Orange: Futurist, Speaker, Trend Analyst

During her talks, described as “candy for the mind,” Erica ignites new ways of thinking; inspires new opportunities and imagines new future-proofed possibilities. Erica’s presentations shift perspectives, spur innovative ideas, and arm audiences with the insights to achieve three critical ingredients: agility + resiliency + readiness. 

4. Sam Rad: The Radical Futurist, GOTHAM ARTIST COLLECTIVE

Sam Rad combines the mindsets of an anthropologist and technologist, bringing her “radical next” perspectives on what’s in store for the future. With the charisma of a rockstar, curiosity of an anthropologist, creativity of an entrepreneur, and calm confidence of an ex-professional skydiver,  Sam effortlessly guides organizations and individuals to thrive in times of radical and accelerating change. Through her signature candid and clever delivery, Sam distills complex topics while leading the audience on a compelling, informative, and approachable journey of educational storytelling.

5. Brian David Johnson: Keynote Speaker: Futurist & Director of Future Casting, Intel Corporation

The future is Brian David Johnson’s business. As a chief futurist at Intel Corporation, his charter is to develop an actionable vision for computing in 2020. His work is called “future casting” – using ethnographic field studies, technology research, trend data, and even science fiction to provide Intel with a pragmatic vision of consumers and computing. 

6. Andrew Busch: Economic Futurist, 1st Chief Market Intelligence Office US government

Economic Futurist Andrew Busch converts today’s chaos into tomorrow’s growth opportunities. He is known for intensely informative and highly entertaining keynotes. Drawing from deep research, he covers the economy, public policy & elections, and supercharged trends (AI, WFH, COVID, Climate). Then he takes all this research and applies it to your industry to show you where future growth opportunities will be. His crystal ball into the economic future is venture capital investments made today, paying off in 5-10 years down the road.

7. Kevin Surace: Internationally Recognized Futurist/Visionary on Disruptive Innovation, AI and the Age of Automation

Kevin is a Silicon Valley innovator, serial entrepreneur, CEO, and futurist. He was INC Magazines’ Entrepreneur of the Year, a CNBC top Innovator of the Decade, World Economic Forum Tech Pioneer, Chair of Silicon Valley Forum, Planet Forward Innovator of the Year nominee, featured for 5 years on TechTV’s Silicon Spin, and inducted into RIT’s Innovation Hall of Fame. While he has 93 worldwide patents and led pioneering work on the first cellular data smartphone (AirCommunicator), the first human-like AI virtual assistant (Portico), soundproof drywall, high R-value windows, AI-driven building management, AI-driven QA automation, supply-chain auctions, and the window/energy retrofits of the Empire State Building and NY Stock Exchange.

8. John Imah: Entrepreneur, Tech Advisor, Gaming & Brand Strategy Expert

John Imah is a prominent figure in the tech industry, comparable in influence to Elon Musk. His career includes executive roles at major companies like Snap, Meta, Samsung, and Twitch, as well as founding and exiting two companies. Currently, he’s the CEO of SpreeAI, a fashion technology startup for which he raised an estimated $40 million. As a Nigerian American, John’s experience as a first-generation immigrant has significantly shaped his character and work ethic. He’s been a trailblazer in tech, often being the first black employee in his roles, and actively works to inspire more people of color to enter the industry.

9. Michio Kaku: Renowned Physicist, Co-Founder of String Theory

Dr. Michio Kaku is an internationally recognized authority on theoretical physics and the environment and is co-founder of String Field Theory. Dr. Kaku’s engaging speaking style makes him one of the world’s foremost STEM advocates and science popularizers.

10. Peter Diamandis: Founder of XPRIZE

Peter Diamandis runs the X Prize Foundation, which offers large cash incentive prizes to inventors who can solve grand challenges like space flight, low-cost mobile medical diagnostics, and oil spill cleanup. He is the chair of Singularity University, which teaches executives and grad students about exponentially growing technologies.

11. Timothy Papandreou: Keynote Speaker l Gen AI & Emerging Technologies Advisor | Forbes Writer

Timothy Papandreou is a trusted global thought leader, advisor, and keynote speaker on emerging technologies and their impacts on our society. Tim’s diverse experience allows him to provide clarity and practical guidance to investors, companies, governments, and institutions across several emerging technology spaces – including generative and regenerative AI, automation, robotics, smart cities, 3-D printing, climate tech, blockchain, crypto, fintech, and web3 innovations. 

12. Shawn DuBravac: Futurist, Founder, Trendcaster, Keynote Speaker, and New York Times Best Selling Author

DuBravac is a well-regarded futurist and trendcaster who writes frequently on disruptive technological shifts. His analysis has appeared in The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, Financial Times, Washington Post, Wired, Los Angeles Times, Barron’s and on-air with CNBC, Bloomberg, CBS and other media outlets. He advises companies and C-level executives on market opportunities and industry strategy. He is president and founder of Avrio Institute which provides consulting, research and advisory services to CxOs on a myriad of topics including digital transformation strategies, business model disruptions, the pace of technological change and overcoming myopic thinking.


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Key Contributions & Benefits of Futurist Keynote Speakers

Futurist speakers contributions span a wide range of industries and disciplines.

At Gotham Artists, our extensive work with futurist speakers has given us a unique insight into their critical role across various sectors. Their notable contributions and the benefits they bring to the table are vast and varied, touching upon multiple facets of modern society, such as the following:

  • Technology and Digital Transformation: They’ve spearheaded movements towards digitalization, impacting everything from AI and IoT to blockchain technology. For instance, their advocacy for AI has not just advanced computational capabilities but has also steered ethical AI discussions.
  • Healthcare Advancements: Their insights have led to revolutionary healthcare solutions, from telemedicine to personalized medicine, significantly improving patient care and public health responses.
  • Environmental Sustainability: Many have championed sustainable practices, driving innovations in renewable energy, waste reduction, and eco-friendly technologies, thus contributing to a more sustainable future.

Furthermore, their talent for simplifying complex subjects makes their insights accessible and applicable across a broad audience. They excel in:

  • Demystifying Complex Concepts: By breaking down intricate technological advancements into understandable segments, they make innovation approachable to a broader audience.
  • Inspiring Cross-industry Collaboration: Their talks often serve as a catalyst for collaboration, bringing together diverse sectors to foster multidisciplinary innovations.
  • Cultivating a Culture of Continuous Learning: They encourage organizations and individuals to embrace lifelong learning as a key to staying relevant and competitive in a rapidly evolving world.

In summary, the value of futurist speakers lies not only in their expertise and visionary ideas but also in their ability to inspire action, foster collaboration, and demystify the complexities of modern technology and business strategies. Their contributions are pivotal in driving forward not just specific industries but society as a whole, towards a more innovative and sustainable future.


At Gotham Artists, we find top notch talent and ensure your event is seamless and successful. Tap below for pricing and availability of your perfect speaker.

How Businesses Can Leverage Futurist Innovation Talks

Futurist speakers play a pivotal role in blending technology with groundbreaking ideas.

In the ever-evolving landscape of business, staying ahead means embracing innovation at its core. Futurist talks by leading speakers offer a treasure trove of insights and strategies that can be instrumental for businesses aiming to thrive in today’s competitive environment. Let’s break down how businesses can effectively leverage these talks to foster growth and innovation.

Embracing New Perspectives

Example: Apple’s Innovation Ethos
Consider how Apple consistently disrupts markets with its innovative products. Much of this stems from its culture of looking at existing problems through a new lens. Futurist talks can introduce businesses to this mindset, encouraging them to think differently and creatively, just like Apple.

Implementing Cutting-Edge Technologies

Example: Tesla’s Technological Leap
Tesla isn’t just about electric cars. It’s about a complete overhaul of automotive technology. Businesses can learn from innovation talks how to incorporate new technologies, similar to how Tesla integrates AI and renewable energy solutions into its business model.

Cultivating a Culture of Innovation

Example: Google’s 20% Rule
Google allows its employees to spend 20% of their time on personal projects. This strategy has led to innovations like Gmail. Innovation speakers often emphasize creating an environment that encourages experimentation and risk-taking, vital for fostering a culture of innovation.

Learning from Failures

Example: SpaceX’s Journey
SpaceX’s road to success was paved with failures. Elon Musk’s approach to embracing and learning from these failures is a critical lesson that businesses can derive from innovation talks. It’s about viewing failures as stepping stones rather than setbacks.

Strategic Forecasting and Planning

Example: Amazon’s Long-Term Vision
Amazon’s success is largely due to its long-term strategic planning, as highlighted in many innovation talks. Businesses can learn how to plan not just for the immediate future but for the next decade, just like Amazon.

Emphasizing Sustainability and Responsibility

Illustration: Patagonia’s Ethical Approach
Patagonia’s commitment to sustainability and ethical practices sets it apart. Futurist talks often cover the importance of sustainability, guiding businesses on how to be more environmentally and socially responsible, a key aspect in today’s market.

Leveraging Collaboration and Partnerships

Illustration: Netflix and Collaboration
Netflix’s partnerships, such as with content creators and technology providers, have been pivotal to its growth. Futurist speakers highlight the power of collaborations and strategic alliances, offering insights on how to build and maintain successful partnerships.

By integrating these lessons from futurist talks, businesses can not only stay relevant but also become trendsetters in their respective industries. It’s about taking these nuggets of wisdom and turning them into actionable strategies that align with the company’s vision and market dynamics.

Case Studies: Successful Innovations Led by Futurist Speakers

Futurist speakers role goes beyond predicting the future, they empower us to create it.

Transforming E-Commerce: Jeff Bezos and Amazon’s Vision

  • Innovator: Jeff Bezos, Founder of Amazon
  • Innovation: Revolutionizing Online Shopping Experience
  • Impact: Redefined Global E-Commerce Landscape

Jeff Bezos, the founder of Amazon, is a prime example of a futurist speaker turning vision into reality. His innovative approach to online shopping transformed the e-commerce industry. By focusing on customer experience, efficient logistics, and technology integration, Bezos propelled Amazon to become a global powerhouse. His keynotes, emphasizing customer obsession and long-term thinking, have inspired countless entrepreneurs. Amazon’s journey from an online bookstore to a behemoth with diverse offerings stands as a testament to Bezos’s innovative leadership.

Pioneering Electric Vehicles: Elon Musk’s Tesla Revolution

  • Innovator: Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla
  • Innovation: Accelerating the Advent of Sustainable Transport
  • Impact: Shifted the Auto Industry Towards Electric Vehicles

Elon Musk, the CEO of Tesla, has been instrumental in promoting the shift to electric vehicles (EVs). Through his engaging talks and daring vision, Musk has not only advanced the technology behind EVs but also changed public perception about sustainable transportation. Tesla’s success in creating desirable and high-performing electric cars proved that EVs could be better than gasoline-powered vehicles. This innovation has had a ripple effect, with major auto manufacturers increasingly investing in electric vehicle technology.

Advancing Personal Computing: Steve Jobs and the Apple Revolution

  • Innovator: Steve Jobs, Co-founder of Apple
  • Innovation: Redefining Personal Computing and Mobile Technology
  • Impact: Set New Standards for User Experience and Design

Steve Jobs, the co-founder of Apple, was known for his captivating product presentations and visionary ideas. He played a crucial role in making personal computers accessible and attractive to the mass market. Jobs’ emphasis on design, user experience, and innovation led to the creation of groundbreaking products like the iPhone and iPad. These products not only changed the way people interact with technology but also set new industry standards. His speeches, blending technology with storytelling, have inspired a generation of entrepreneurs and innovators.

These real-world examples of futurist keynote speakers illustrate the significant impact that visionary leaders can have in transforming industries and shaping the future. Their stories underscore the power of innovative thinking and effective communication in turning bold ideas into reality.

Quick Guide to Hiring Futurist Speakers

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What kind of events are futurist speakers best suited for?

Futurist speakers are incredibly versatile and can add value to a wide range of events, including corporate conferences, educational seminars, industry-specific workshops, and leadership retreats. They are particularly beneficial for events focused on innovation, technology, healthcare, sustainability, and digital transformation, where understanding future trends is crucial.

How do we choose the right speaker for our event?

When selecting a futurist keynote speaker, consider the specific themes and objectives of your event. Look for a speaker with expertise in the relevant areas and a proven track record of engaging and enlightening presentations. It’s also helpful to review their past talks, publications, and audience feedback to ensure their message aligns with your event’s goals. Collaboration with a reputable speakers bureau like Gotham Artists can also provide personalized recommendations based on your event’s needs.


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