Group President at Aya Healthcare, Top 100 Workforce Leader, TEDx Speaker, Serial Entrepreneur, Nurse, and Recognized Business and Personal Growth Expert

April Hansen
Speaking Fee: $10,000 to $20,000

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Primary Topic Category: Business & Entrepreneurship

Secondary Topic Category: Leadership and Management


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April Hansen At A Glance:

APRIL HANSEN - As Group President of Aya Healthcare, April led the company to an unprecedented 27x revenue growth over six years, culminating in $11B in annual revenue in 2022. A Top 100 Workforce Leader, TEDx Speaker, Serial Entrepreneur, Nurse, and Recognized Business and Personal Growth Expert, April has been featured in the New York Times, The Washington Post, Forbes' 40 Under 40, CBS, CNBC, and many others. April motivates leaders and teams to infuse adaptability into their core, driving growth, innovation, and change. Her Growth Game PlanTM keynote and framework help them face modern business complexities and the risks of becoming obsolete.

My life has been a wild ride where bravery doesn’t guarantee victory – but a game plan helps. From swapping nursing scrubs for mom jeans and diving into the startup world to landing in the exec chair, each chapter was a mix of ups and downs. Now, as Group President of Workforce at Aya Healthcare, we have grown to become the largest healthcare staffing and technology company in just six years. Learning and mastering the moves of growth keep the momentum going.

Not that long ago, I was an exhausted single mom with a failed startup, a load of debt, and diminishing hope. I felt finished and defeated. But then, something happened – I recognized the power I had to navigate the shifts that were happening all around me. Rather than giving in to the things I couldn’t control, I sprung into action to change the things I could – pushing through the messy middle and realizing both personal and professional growth at every turn. This has now become my bedrock for growth ever since.

Today, I believe we are living in a world of continuous shifts that are happening at a pace faster than ever before. Recent advancements in all industries have increased the complexity of our lives and jobs, creating a greater risk of teams and organizations becoming irrelevant or obsolete.

To stay in sync with these shifts, I offer a growth model with innovative insights, practical tools, and resources to unlock adaptability and revolutionize your growth journey. My Growth Game PlanTM is a ‘get down to business’ playbook tailored for teams and organizations seeking personal and professional growth.

  • Growth Game Plan™- Turning Challenges into Opportunities

    Competitive market advancements are happening 80% faster than ten years ago. This rapid shift introduces fresh hurdles for individuals and businesses in growth, strategy, culture, and innovation. We find ourselves at a pivotal and global juncture, facing the looming threat of obsolescence.

    To steer clear of irrelevance, leaders and teams must embrace adaptation. The Growth Game PlanTM offers a practical approach to adaptability with innovative insights, useful tools, and a fresh mindset to unlock potential and revolutionize your own growth journey amidst the chaos of change.

    This keynote is for leaders and teams who face:

    • Stalled growth as market movement presses relentlessly on teams to pivot and adapt
    • Confusion and innovation gridlock as rapid shifts cloud strategic vision
    • Hindered creativity and commitment as the chaos of change creates exhaustion

    The audience will leave with:

    • Collective ambition and a transformed mindset to embrace growth and movement
    • Elevated tools and resources to form a culture of sustainable growth
    • Fuel to confront and push through barriers of change by fostering resilience and adaptability
I had the pleasure of meeting April at EntreCon! Her presentation was absolutely captivating, and it seems I wasn't the only one who thought so. Everyone I spoke to couldn't stop raving about it. Thank you, April, for the insightful interview – it was an enriching experience!

— Steve Nissim, Chief Storyteller

April's outstanding presentation demonstrated her strong commitment on campus, connecting with our students, faculty, and staff. Her professionalism and dedication in elevating Mount Mary's profile socially were truly noteworthy, highlighting a wonderful collaboration. We are grateful for her valuable contributions. Thank you, April, for making a lasting impact on our community.”

— Alexandra Hoslet, Program Manager, Mount Mary University

You are the most inspiring speaker and entrepreneur I have ever met. Congratulations on your impressive hyper growth and your ability to inspire others to do the same.

— Alison Green, Founder & CEO, Bien Chez Soi

Great job and great content! I highly recommend April for your next event!

— Andrew Head, Director of Education & Professional Development, Health Connect Partners

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