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Ben O'Keefe
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Primary Topic Category: Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) / Social Justice

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Ben O'Keefe At A Glance:

Ben O’Keefe is a social change activist, political commentator, and Head of Diversity & Impact Production at Creator+, a next-generation content studio and distribution platform for digital-first storytellers and creators. His work finds him at the intersection of entertainment and politics, having worked with top organizations, brands, politicians, celebrities, and showrunners to build campaigns, make content, and execute strategies that make a bold impact on the world.

Ben O’Keefe is a social change activist, political commentator, and Head of Diversity & Impact Production at Creator+, a film studio and streaming platform for digital-first storytellers.

His work finds him at the intersection of entertainment and politics having worked with organizations, brands, politicians, celebrities, and show-runners to build campaigns, content, and strategies that change hearts and minds.

At 26 years old, O’Keefe is considered a leading voice in progressive politics. He has been instrumental in mobilizing young people in the democratic process, including supporting the historic youth turnout in the 2020 presidential election.

O’Keefe served as Senior Creative Lead and Advisor for Senator Elizabeth Warren’s 2020 presidential campaign. He helped lead creative and strategic communications and advise the senator on youth engagement, LGBTQ+ engagement, and Black voter engagement.

As an activist, he became a prominent voice at the early age of 18 after starting a global movement against Abercrombie & Fitch’s size-based discrimination. He subsequently went on to work with major beauty and fashion brands to help grow the body-positivity movement as we know it. Netflix is currently developing a documentary around this work in which he is featured.

Ben is a respected voice in the #BlackLivesMatter movement and a leader in the LGBTQ+ community.

His podcast “Anti-Racism at Work” premiered on the Himalaya Network in January 2021.

Ben is also a sought-after public speaker, often speaking on diversity and anti-racism, social justice, and conversations on LGBTQ equality and masculinity.

His campaign work includes the #TakeDownTheFlag campaign to remove the Confederate Flag from the South Carolina Statehouse and from companies like Amazon and Wal-Mart, Alicia Keys’ ‘Vote Love’ campaign, and the viral campaign to save death row inmate Richard Glossip from execution.

He is an alum of MoveOn.org. He was the youngest employee in the organization’s history and eventually a senior leader responsible for helping transition the organization into its present-day iteration. He also worked for MTV News, where he served as head writer of “DECODED” a series on race and pop culture.

Recently he served as the Impact Producer for the film ALL IN: The Fight for Democracy from Amazon Studios, which features Stacey Abrams and her fight against voter suppression.

Ben serves on the Board of Directors for the Chicago Media Project, a multifaceted organization that provides support and funding to documentary films and filmmakers. He also serves on the board of the non-profit organization Project Heal.


  • Finding Your Inner Activist

    We all have a story, and our stories have the power to change someone else’s and—if we give them a chance—to change the world. This uplifting, crowd-favorite, will leave you cheering and excited to go out and make your mark on the world.
  • Be A Man: A Fat, Black, Queer Man’s Exploration of Modern Masculinity

    What does it mean to be a man in this day and age? In this conversation—for people of all genders—Ben dives into masculinity in the modern age, trans-inclusive intersectional feminism, and how the gender binary is keeping us from being our fullest selves.
  • More than a Black Square: How Do We Fight for Black Lives?

    An incredibly straightforward, challenging, and at times hilarious conversation on the topic on everyone’s mind. It will get you on your feet, in the streets, and feeling full of hope.
  • Anti-Racism at Work

    Based on his award-winning podcourse of the same name, Anti-Racism at Work dives deep beyond the buzzwords of diversity, equity, and inclusion to explore what those words really mean in the context of your workplace. You will leave with the tools you need to combat racism and ethnic discrimination and to build a workplace that gives all employees the opportunity to thrive.

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