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Bree Groff
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Bree Groff At A Glance:

Change expert, Bree Groff, has helped teams and companies embrace change in all its aspects for over a decade. Bring her into your organization today to inform, enlighten, and inspire employees to face change with enthusiasm and purpose.

There’s an old saying that if a company doesn’t like change, they won’t have to worry about it for long. Bree Groff is a change expert and Principal at SYPartners – and she’s on a mission to help companies not just like change, but get good at it.

For more than a decade, Bree has been focused on transformation, innovation, and organizational design, advising leaders at companies including Calvin Klein, Adobe, Google, Etsy, Capital One, and Dropbox.

Previously, Bree was CEO of NOBL Collective, a global organizational design and change consultancy.

She has founded and led an Innovation Department, advised Fortune 500 companies as a service designer, and explored communication and decision-making as a psychology researcher. In previous careers, she performed as a stage actress and taught high school math. She holds an MS in Organizational Learning and Change from Northwestern University and lectures at Northwestern and Parsons on behavior change.

Bree lives in Manhattan with her husband and 4-year-old daughter.

  • Resistance, Loss, and new beginnings: What wine corks teach us about Transformation

    Organizational change is just individual change at scale. And so to transform a company, an industry, or the world, we must first understand change at the human level.

    In this interactive keynote, Bree will explore resistance to change, as illustrated by real client stories and case studies from the wine industry. She’ll share the six types of loss employees experience during change and offer a framework for leading teams through authentic transformation to successful change.
  • How to create the future: Leading human-centered transformation

    You are a leader in your organization. You can peek around corners, see the writing on the wall, and it’s clearer to you than most how your company must evolve. But simply having vision doesn’t make a leader. The leaders that succeed are the ones that can galvanize hundreds, thousands, tens of thousands of people to work in new ways, day in and day out; the ones that see transformation not as a strategy locked in a powerpoint, but as human behavior change, at scale.

    In this interactive keynote, Bree will explore resistance to change, as illustrated by real client stories and a case study from the wine industry. She’ll share the six types of loss employees experience during change, and offer proven techniques to help executives inspire change throughout the organization.
  • Leading change as a people leader: Managing Culture Through transformation

    As change becomes the new normal, the skillsets of People Leaders are more critical than ever before. In this interactive keynote, Bree will share how HR, Change Management, Talent, and People Leaders can partner across the company to shepherd employees through transformation.

    Attendees will learn how to identify resistance in its many forms, diagnose the six types of loss employees anticipate during change, and design a plan for driving authentic, effective change in their own organizations.
Bree has an outstanding delivery on stage – she is able to convince even the most skeptical executive about the value of having a fluid culture within their organization!

— Hernan Carranza, Chief Innovation Officer, Intercorp

Bree is the future. Best talk I’ve seen in a decade.

— Tony Markovski, Chief Innovation Officer, Plexal

Bree spoke at our yearly retreat and led an effective conversation with over 200 people, from the founders to the newest joiners. She set the scene for how agreeing on a small number of principles can result in significant behavioural change at the organisational level, an important tool we continue to rely on.

— Andrew Eland, Engineering Director, Google DeepMind

The audience feedback alone is a testament to how well Bree did. Bree has a knack for making a group feel comfortable with being vulnerable, which creates such a welcoming and collaborative environment. Having planned many events, I know how important this part is, how often it’s overlooked by most, and how difficult it is to get right.

— Derek Baynton, Co-founder at Offsite Camp

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