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Caleb Campbell

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Once known as “America’s Athlete”, Caleb Campbell is a West Point graduate and former Army officer who became the second player in the history of West Point to ever be selected in the NFL draft and the first player, under a new policy implemented by the Department of Defense (DOD), given the permission to play and serve simultaneously.

Caleb’s dream came to a halt when the DOD rescinded that policy hours before signing his first NFL contract–launching him into his own internal war that would almost cost him his life. While serving his country, Caleb kept his NFL dream alive and eventually found himself playing in the NFL–demonstrating to audiences everywhere how facing our fears, committing to mental and emotional health and staying authentic will make us stronger—even in our weakest moments.

Far from offering clichéd "do better, be better" advice, Caleb skillfully guides his audience through discussions on vulnerability, emotional intelligence, heart-centered leadership and whole-person success. Above all, Caleb’s message acts as a powerful catalyst for internal transformation—fostering emotional, relational, and collective growth on an unmatched scale.

Caleb Campbell is a dynamic keynote speaker, coach, and mental health advocate known for his authentic and transformational message on high-capacity leadership, sustainable success, and mental and emotional well-being.

In 2008, Caleb graduated from the United States Military Academy at West Point and was commissioned as an officer in the United States Army. However, Caleb’s path took a unique turn as he was also selected in the 2008 NFL Draft making him the second player to ever be drafted out of West Point and the first player, under a new Department of Defense policy, given the permission to serve and play simultaneously. Little did he know at the time, but Caleb was about to fight his own inner battle and it would almost cost him his life.

Now, fueled by his personal journey and commitment to emotional wellness, Caleb is on a mission to inspire leaders to live and lead with authenticity and courage. With his captivating storytelling and infectious energy, Caleb shares his powerful experiences from West Point, the NFL, and beyond to help leaders strengthen resilience, sustain high-performance and most importantly–enhance their overall well-being.

Far from offering clichéd “do better, be better” advice, Caleb skillfully guides his audience through discussions on courage, emotional intelligence, and heart-centered leadership. Caleb’s life mission is to continually demonstrate how facing our fears, embracing change, and staying authentic will make us stronger, even in our weakest moments.

When not on stage or working with leaders, Caleb can be found at home with his partner, Kara, and their daughter, Sophie London, trying to convince Kara that their daughter needs a Bernese Mountain Dog puppy. While he hasn’t succeeded yet, Caleb remains determined to keep trying.

  • From Crisis To Courage

    Accessing Your Inner Strength For Breakthrough Leadership

    As leaders are facing increasing demands and fewer resources, crisis is inevitable—one not just of performance and productivity but of the heart. As a result, leaders everywhere are finding themselves the type of tired that more sleep doesn’t solve.

    It’s in this landscape of emotional and professional turmoil that Caleb Campbell’s mission takes center stage, empowering his audience with a transformative message—unlocking the courage and authenticity needed to thrive through these unprecedented challenges.

    Through masterful storytelling and drawing on awe-inspiring stories from personal experiences, Caleb blends compassion, emotional intelligence, authentic storytelling and practical wisdom and provides a clear and compelling roadmap for a new way forward—finding the courage within.

    As we learn how to access our internal strength, we have the bandwidth needed to harness the power of change and create a culture of sustainable growth, trust and enhanced well-being.

    The audience will leave with:
    • Actionable strategies to transmute daily stressors into opportunities for growth. Rather than crumbling under pressure, they'll understand how to stretch their inner capacity, enabling them to navigate even the most challenging situations with heightened resilience and effectiveness.

    • An understanding of how to stay connected to your true self amid the emotional and mental hurdles of leadership. Attendees will learn actionable strategies for remaining authentic while facing fears, challenges, and even failures, thereby building a culture of integrity and genuine connection.

    • Master the art and science of trust-building, starting with yourself and extending to your team. This part of the keynote equips leaders with the tools and practices to deepen trust at multiple levels—ensuring not just stronger relationships but also a more resilient and aligned organization.
  • From Overwhelm to Wholeness: The New Playbook For Sustainable Success and Enhanced Well-Being

    Are you feeling trapped in an endless cycle of performance, productivity, and unmet expectations? Does it feel like your current playbook, the one that got you this far, is suddenly failing you? Caleb Campbell understands that feeling all too well.

    As a former NFL player, Caleb was no stranger to high-performance playbooks designed for ultimate achievement. But when he left the league, he discovered that his old playbook had an expiration date. He needed a new one—not just for success, but for wholeness, emotional well-being, and real, authentic leadership.

    Leaving behind the only way of life he’s ever known, he relocated to Canada and became a janitor for an organization, dedicating himself to the pursuit of a playbook that came not from the mind, but from the heart.

    In his refreshingly honest keynote, Caleb takes you through this transformative season of his life—a season of pain, letting go, and ultimately, profound healing. He found renewed passion, inner peace, and an unparalleled sense of well-being. And now, he's offering you the playbook that can change your leadership—and your life.

    This isn't about rehashing platitudes or chasing impossible standards. Caleb guides you through a heartfelt discussion on vulnerability, emotional intelligence, and the power of authentic leadership. He introduces strategies and tools designed for high-velocity decision-making, increased emotional resilience, and fostering cultures that prioritize psychological safety.

    Whether you're a leader burdened by endless responsibilities, feeling stretched thin between professional targets and personal obligations, or struggling with unmet expectations that weigh heavy on your soul, this keynote is your guide to transformation. It will shift your perspective, turning what you may perceive as your breaking point into your breakthrough moment. This isn't merely about surviving the demands of leadership—it's about transcending them to find success and a deep, fulfilling sense of wholeness in both your professional and personal life."

    Caleb Campbell's journey has already inspired countless lives, spotlighted by numerous media outlets. Now, let his new playbook inspire yours.

    After all, the world doesn't need more successful leaders, the world needs more whole leaders.
    The audience will leave with:

    • A set of clearly defined, easy-to-implement strategies aimed at fostering emotional resilience in high-stress environments. Learn how to shift from a mind-centered to a heart-centered leadership approach that can effectively tackle burnout, enhance decision-making speed and quality, and improve team morale.

    • Using his personal journey as a backdrop, Caleb will guide leaders through the process of identifying and reframing their own perceived "breaking points" as moments of unprecedented growth and transformation. He will offer practical tools for self-assessment and change management that can turn challenges and unmet expectations into opportunities for both personal and organizational advancement.

    • Caleb will share actionable ways to build a culture that prioritizes psychological safety, detailing the concrete steps leaders can take to encourage openness, vulnerability, and emotional intelligence within their teams. In doing so, he provides the framework to not only increase employee engagement but also drive innovation and productivity by allowing team members to be their whole selves at work.
It didn’t matter the age or the leadership position of each person in the room, we all felt Caleb’s message at the core of our beings.

— Jill Christopherson, Sanford Health

This is the type of leadership message that we don’t hear enough but we need to hear more. Several leaders stayed back with tears in their eyes to let Caleb know how much they needed this.

— Antonia McLaren, USAA Site Leader

Caleb’s compelling story and actionable message not only met our leaders exactly where they are but he also gave us a clear roadmap on how to get to where we want to be. This wasn’t just a keynote, it was a lifeline for our leaders.

— Kyle Snook, COO, PRISM Vision Group

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