CEO at Startup52, Former Candidate for President of Nigeria

Chike Ukaegbu

At a glance:

Chike is a dynamic speaker and inspiring storyteller with a unique and extensive background that captivates diverse audiences. He believes in the untapped potential of each audience as he engages them to unlock new ideas through experiential storytelling.

Chike is currently the Head of Crypto Policy and Emerging Markets Strategy at Visa. He has a lifelong passion to empower untapped and under-banked communities and believes that Crypto is a tool that will foster financial inclusion globally. Before Visa, Chike founded Startup52, NYC’s first diversity-focused tech accelerator focused on creating better access to resources, capital, and support for founders from untapped communities.

At 35, he ran for president of Nigeria, becoming the youngest presidential candidate in Nigeria and Africa. He is an alumni Colin Powell Fellow in Public Policy, an inductee to the UN’s Most Influential People of African Descent (MIPAD) Hall of Fame, among other accolades, and holds an executive MBA program from the Howard University School of Business.

Chike remains a leading inspirational voice on several topics related to empowering diverse, inclusive and untapped communities. He continues to develop, implement, and share effective frameworks, models, and novel methodologies relevant to building, inspiring and engaging targeted audiences and communities.

He has also consulted and advised over 25 international delegations, including China, England, South Africa, The EU, Brazil, Denmark, Argentina, Chile, Australia, Nigeria, etc. on diverse topics, like Afrofuturism, financial inclusion strategies, NFT & Crypto commerce, how ,to support founders building inclusive tech and entrepreneurial ecosystems, among others.

Chike is currently based in New York, loves fried sweet plantains (it’s a Nigerian thing!), believes fitness is a necessary inconvenience, and can’t wait to become a #dogdad again.

  • Technology

    •Diversity and inclusion in Tech
    •Building out effective innovation hubs in emerging markets
    •Role and future of tech in Africa
    •Leapfrogging technologies in Africa
    •Empowering untapped and underrepresented communities in tech
    •Discovering and funding tech opportunities in untapped markets etc
    •The Inclusive Ecosystem Blueprint
  • Business & Entrepreneurship

    •SBEs and Tech Entrepreneurship in untapped markets
    •D&I in B&E
    •Scaling MicroSMEs in Africa
    •Educating through B&E
    •Entrepreneurship in untapped communities
    •Cultivating the Entrepreneurial Mindset in the Classroom/Workplace
    •Creating Equitable Opportunities
  • Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion

    •DEI In Tech, in the workplace, in community building, in leadership, etc
    •Inclusive Diversity Strategies: Pros & Cons
    •Debunking Diversity Myths
    •The Economic Power of Diversity
    •Empowering The Untapped: Maximizing Your Community’s Potential The Art of Engaging Effectively
    •Building Effective Inclusive Ecosystems
    •Building Your Community with The HEROES Model
    •Microaggressions & Workplace Biases
    •Intentional Leadership, Exponential Results
    •Becoming a Useful Ally
    •Diversity: Charitable or Profitable?
    •Privilege+: The Powerful Role of Empathy
    •Smokescreen Diversity: The High Costs of Faux Representation
  • Finance

    •Venture Capital in Africa
    •Building successful VC blueprint for untapped communities,
    D&I in VC
    •Why MicroVC Diversity Funds are Detrimental to Untapped Communities
    •Where Are The Minority Talent Pipelines?
    •Crypto as a financial inclusion tool
    •Crypto 101
    •CBDCs vs Stablecoins
    •Understanding Crypto Regulations in Africa
    •Banking the Unbanked
  • Education

    •Educating Africa’s Youths
    •The HEROES Model
    •Career Paths: Rethinking Learning and Education
    •Failure That Works
    •Curbing Poverty, Disconnection, Achievement Gaps, and Opportunity Divides
    •Education + Entrepreneurship: The Sustainable Economic Growth Formula
  • Motivational

    •The Immigrant's American Dream
    •Leveraging Fear to Overcome
    •Living Passionately Through Purpose
    •What are You Fighting For?
    •Empowering and Engaging The Invisible (disconnected, at-risk, formerly incarcerated, foster-care, homeless, formerly abused)
    •How to create access to opportunities for untapped and invisible communities
    •The Five Types of People
    •Black Fear, Black Wealth & Black Power
  • Millennials and Gen Zs

    •Engaging The Purpose Driven Generation
    •Intergenerational Engagement – Bridging the Generational Gap
    •Understanding the Future of Work
    •Millennials, GenZs and Intentionality
    •The Millennial’s Hustle
    •When Adulting Starts to Knock: Transitioning to Workforce
    •Educating Present and Future Generations
  • Education and Spirituality

    •STEM, STEAM & ESTEAM – The Holistic STEM Approach
    •Amplifying Learning Outcomes
    •Why Entrepreneurship Must Be Taught in Higher Education
    •Effective Strategies to Rebuilding HBCUs
    •The Success in Failure
    •Why Do You Teach?
    •The Role of Spirituality in Engagement
    •Faith & Entrepreneurship – The Role of The Church in community economics
    •Becoming a Fisher of Men

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