Businessman, Coach, Speaker, Author, Philanthropist

Coach Ken Carter Speaking Fee: $20,000 to $30,000

Speaking Fee:
$20,000 to $30,000

Travels From:
DFW - Dallas Ft. Worth (All Airports)

Primary Topic Category:
Leadership and Management


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Coach Ken Carter At A Glance:

Ken “Coach Carter” locked his undefeated, state play-off team out of the gym, forced them to hit the books, sending a powerful message; stop counting on athletic potential as the only ticket out of a tough inner city life.

Ken “Coach Carter”a real-life inspiration for the 2005 hit movie “Coach Carter”starring Samuel L. Jackson. “Coach Carter”the movie rest on the story how he locked his undefeated, state play-off team out of the gym, forced them to hit the books, sending a powerful message; stop counting on athletic potential as the only ticket out of a tough inner city life. Coach continued this message of teamwork, accountability, integrity, leadership with thousands of people for years to come and presently is one of the most highly sought after Success Speaker, Author, Life Coach, Philanthropist and Successful Business man in the world today.

Coach has been amongst the presence of many greats, such as the President of the United States of America, well known T.V. talent such as Dr. Phil, a host of Stars – both in Film and Music; the list itself would fill a page. However, Coach considers the greatest and most impressive stars he has worked with are Young Adults, Boys and Girls he impacts. Coach’s tough love and mentorship in succeeding in life has helped students such as Cruz from the movie, who today is a top medical professional.

The Coach Carter Experience embodies helping the masses, believing in their ability to succeed and leaves a real lasting impact for every person, business owner or leader.

His approach, to a balanced life is the fundamental skills needed to win, through healthy mind, physical fitness and financial responsibility. This accomplishment has coined the name; Coach Carter “The Real Solution”. Coaches mastery work, Yes Ma’am, No Sir”The 12 Essential Steps for Success in Life chronicles his personal experiences in life that shaped him to be the man that he is today.

Additional books written, Listen to the Woman, a must read that includes advice, motivation and inspiration for men and women alike. Success Uncomplicated which is coupled with The Original “Think and Grow Rich”in 1 book; along with a host of other additional Success resources he has developed.

From the Coaches Corner he gifts the world with compelling experiences and wins just as he did with the Richmond High School students. He shares amazing success tips, quotes and examples with us all:
“If you get one percent better each day, within one hundred days you’ll be one hundred percent better.”

“You don’t get paid by the hour – you get paid by the value you bring to the hour”

“The road to success start with the quality of your character, the quality of character is positive self image”

~ Coach Ken Carter

The list of achievements and accolades such as the Harvard Club’s Distinguished Secondary Educator Award: NAACP’s Impact Citizen of the Year Award; California State Lottery/Governor Gray Davis’ Heroes in Education Award; San Francisco Mayor, Willie Brown’s Leadership Award: California’s Unsung Heroes Award; the A.N.G California Boy’s Coach of the Year Award, presented with a Proclamation from the City of Richmond honoring a day called “Coach Carter Day”; receiving the distinguished Life Saver Award – for saving boys from jails and gangs; recipient of City Flight Newsmagazine’s the “Ten Most Influential African Americans in the Bay Area”in the Sports category and a host of others contribute to what he has done and his work with the youth through his foundation Coach Ken Carter Foundation and Coach Carter Impact Center tell us who he is, breaths and believes in.

Having been a successful entrepreneur for over 50 years, starting off at the age of 7 collecting bottles from the streets of Mccomb, Mississippi; with a simple idea of filling the bottle with a cucumber; in 7 days it grows to the end of the bottle, break off stem and you have a cucumber in the bottle; like seeing a ship in a bottle and he sold them for $10 each, never giving back change. Coach believes that “hard work is a skill”.

He encourages others to focus on how to turn Obstacles into Opportunities. How? “by the way we think, take problems from your head (or what we think is a problem) put them into your heart and watch them show up in the work you do.

Coach Carter truly is The Solution

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