Global AI/Spacial Computing Expert & Speaker, Founder + CEO of Acclaimed VR/AR Agency, Authority on Augmented + Virtual Reality, Sought-After Academic on AI/WEB3

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Cortney Harding At A Glance:

Cortney is the Founder and CEO of a transformational VR/AR agency, Friends with Holograms, focused on creating innovative, powerful, and effective experiences for training. Her clients include Walmart, Verizon, Accenture, Coca-Cola, and the US Air Force. She is the winner of multiple awards including “Best VR/AR” at Mobile World Congress, SXSW Innovation Award Finalist, and Top HR product by HR Executive.Having an award-winning background in the use of virtual reality, for both businesses and government agencies, provided Cortney with early insight into how we can all eventually make the leap from Web2 to Web3. As a designer for Meta, she was instrumental in creating “What is the Metaverse,” a groundbreaking course that covers all aspects of the Metavers while exploring safety issues, ethical questions and much more, meaning that Cortney already has a more nuanced view of the Metaverse than most.

Cortney’s messages couldn’t be more timely or on point. With the frenzied push for businesses to quickly adapt to new technology, this talk is a reminder to participants about the importance of getting better educated and familiar with the metaverse before they make hasty decisions that could affect the long-term success of their company and their relationships with current and future customers. But most important of all, she helps audiences walk away with a better understanding of what the Metaverse is, isn’t and where it can play a role in the growth of your organization.

The convergence of AI, spatial computing, and WEB3 isn’t just a trend – it’s a revolution reshaping industries and global dynamics. As companies race to embrace these cutting-edge technologies, the stakes couldn’t be higher. Failure to grasp their transformative potential risks not just falling behind, but being eclipsed by competitors who seize the moment. This is where Founder and CEO of Friends with Holograms Cortney Harding helps level the playing field. Cortney doesn’t just envision the future – she shapes it. With a proven track record of steering Fortune 100 companies through the labyrinth of tech evolution, she brings a unique blend of visionary insight and practical wisdom that gives audiences an actionable roadmap forward.

As a leading authority on emerging technologies and a change architect in her field, Cortney has built a reputation for helping organizations navigate new frontiers. What started out as an entrepreneurial venture, her company Friends with Holograms, has created transformative VR/AR experiences for major clients such as Coca-Cola, Walmart, Verizon, and Lowes. This has led to a variety of other tech advisory roles, including creating a groundbreaking course for Meta called “What is the Metaverse?” and a faculty position with the Fast Future Executive, helping leaders with a speed bias to learn seemingly disparate ideas of the future…NOW. There is currently nothing else like it out there.

Cortney is also a sought-after academic who has lectured at Barnard, CalTech, Harvard, and spoken at the World Economic Forum. Her nuanced understanding of future-affecting technology and how it impacts organizations in any industry makes her one of the most sought-after speakers on the topic. By bringing Cortney to speak at your event, your audience will gain a competitive edge in the fast-evolving business landscape and be equipped to leverage new technology for transformative growth.She’s won several recent accolades for her work, including Best VR/AR at Mobile World Congress and being named a finalist for the SXSW Innovation Award, as well as an Audience Award for Best XR at SXSW. Cortney is also a co-author of the upcoming book The Fast Future Blur Book (April ‘24), which provides invaluable insights and strategic frameworks to navigate the complexity of our current period of rapid and radical transformation.

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