NBA Mindset Coach, Wall St Journal Best Selling Author and Top 50 Worldwide Motivational Speaker

David Nurse
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David Nurse At A Glance:

David is a Top 50 Worldwide Keynote Speaker in the World (Real Leaders). From high-level keynotes to in-depth workshops to yearly consulting, David is a captivating storyteller with a style that’s as interactive as it is impactful. David is one the TOP Mindset Speaker/High Performance Speakers in the world today!

David Nurse has been transforming the way hundreds of NBA stars play on the court, and hundreds of corporate executives dominate in the board room for the past 15 years.  David is widely renown as one of the top mindset specialists in the entire world!  He has written two bestselling mindset books, runs a transformational coaching business and is a highly-sought-after speaker—hired by top Fortune 100 companies and professional sports teams—helping thousands of employees and athletes develop unshakeable mindsets. In fact, he was recently named as one of the top 50 keynote speakers in the world by Real Leaders.

As a former professional basketball player, David’s ability to get into the zone and master his mindset led him to two Guinness World Records. In 2016, the Brooklyn Nets hired him as a coach to help players improve their shooting—they went from being 28th in the league to 2nd overall in 3 point shooting. In total, David has worked with over 150 NBA players whose contract earnings amount to 3.2 billion.

Today, CEOs and professional athletes hire David for his award-winning strategies and infectious positivity. His two books, Pivot & Go and #1 Amazon Best Seller Breakthrough, (and the most immersive book ever written on taking action: Do It – The Life Changing Power of Taking Action – #1 Amazon Best Seller AND Wall St Journal Best Seller-   have helped hundreds of thousands throughout the world how to unlock their personal roadblocks and take action in their life.

He resides in Marina del Rey with his incredibly talented wife, actress Taylor Kalupa. When he’s not traveling the world inspiring thousands to have breakthrough moments, David is most likely spending time with his wife and ‘way too spoiled fluffy little puppy.’  He swears he still has Iowa roots and can manage when California temperatures dip below 65.

As one recent All Star NBA and NBA Champion player put it: “David is the guy that everyone needs to hire.”

  • Do It: Take Action and Follow Through

    How to take action in a world of constant change and uncertainty, and how to efficiently and effectively follow through!

    Taking action is one thing, but following through on the action is a whole different level. A level that separates not just the good from the great but the great from the outstanding! David has taught over 150 NBA players and NBA coaches how to take action and follow through to separate themselves from the competition in the most pressure-packed, cutthroat business on the planet.

    Atomic Habits showed you how to make habits, David will teach you HOW to take action on those habits and follow through, catapulting you and your company ahead of the competition!
  • The NBA All Star Mindset

    David has helped produce 28 NBA All Star appearances throughout his powerful career as an NBA mindset coach. In doing so, he has crafted a 3-step formula where he can tell in the first 5 minutes of being with a player if they have the potential to become an NBA All-Star. David has taken the same principles and applied it to the corporate world. In this talk, David gives the step-by-step breakdown - with actionable tools for how to become an ALL STAR in your field and develop a team of ALL STARS!
  • Customized Talks & Consulting

    David customizes the specific 6-month or 12-month plan for your company/team!

    This includes:

    •A Keynote Talk
    •Daily 'Do It" Action Habit Plans
    •Once Per Month Zoom Talk with the Company
    •Once Per Quarter a One Day In Person Workshop
    •Selected Leadership Coaching for Top Leaders Selected
Our team of talented sales leaders and managers are hard to please.  David captivated them from beginning to end.  The feedback we received from content was amazing.

— JP Arlie, Sr. Director, Vivint

I appreciated your message and framing everything w/in the confidence, connections and c paradigm.  As I lead my team, I’m always looking for ways to structure messaging that organizes things into something easily consumable.  I’ve found that w/o tying things together, the messaging is just noise that changes from one ask or action to the next.

— Randall Palm, Vice President Akamai

David Nurse has an explosive enthusiasm for charting success and fulfillment.  David Nurse shows us that every high performance leader, athlete and entrepreneur can achieve the highest levels of success and accomplishment without compromising their humanity.

— Jennifer Scully-Lerner, VP Goldman Sachs

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