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Dr. Akilah Cadet is the Founder and CEO of Change Cadet consulting firm, which offers a broad array of anti-racism and diversity services including strategic planning, crisis rebuilding, advising, executive coaching and facilitation. Cadet (her last name) is a French term that means soldier. As it's often an uphill battle for BIPOC, women, and underrepresented communities to achieve success and equity in the workplace, Change Cadet prepares soldiers of change to overcome these continuous battles so individuals and companies can thrive. Akilah has 15+ years of experience working in various organizations, with both private and public sector companies. She literally has all the degrees, lives in Oakland, CA, has a rare heart condition, and is a proud Beyoncé advocate.

As a young woman of color, Dr. Akilah Cadet experienced judgement, “isms”, and numerous barriers in the workplace.  One day she thought, “what if I could change that?” and Change Cadet was started. Cadet, her last name, is a French term that means soldier.  Change Cadet prepares individuals and companies to be soldiers of change in the workforce so there can be more women and people of color at the top.  She wants everyone to feel empowered in their career. To accomplish this, she provides people and companies with services that support anti-racism, diversity, inclusion, equity, and belonging (DEIB) including executive coaching, strategic planning, facilitation, and crisis recovery. She advises tech startups from concept to staffing, facilitates strategic workshops, coaches leaders, and speaks at various engagements. Dr. Cadet knows the only way to achieve the goal of true inclusiveness in the workplace is to work with, coach, and speak to as many companies and individuals as possible.   She wants people of color to know they have something special, for companies to truly recognize the value of their employees, and well, to change the face of the stereotypical leader so that no one would feel how she felt most of her career.

Dr. Cadet has 15+ years in management and building successful projects, teams, and leaders in the public and private sectors. She has worked on federal, state, and privately funded multimillion-dollar projects ranging from public health/healthcare to education. She has spent an extensive part of her career designing training, coaching executives, and informing systematic change to improve the workforce experience for large organizations. Dr. Cadet holds a Bachelor of Science in Health Education in Community Based Public Health, a Master of Public Health, and a Doctorate of Health Sciences in Leadership and Organizational Behavior. But more importantly, she lives in/loves Oakland, has an incredible shoe game, and is a proud Beyoncé advocate.

  • Power and Privilege

    White privilege is a thing, but not the only thing. We all have power and privilege. This workshop examines the many forms of power and privilege in the workplace, given our ethnicity, social economic status, education level, and more. We will explore how to use our power and privilege to better ourselves, to support others, and journey towards becoming an accomplice. This interactive workshop will use Zoom polls and breakout groups.
  • Do the Work: Becoming an Accomplice

    Understanding your privilege and identifying as an ally are a start, yet not enough. We have to do the work. This workshop covers the next steps in anti- racist work, past allyship onto becoming an accomplice. We’ll examine the differences between these two concepts, learn to recognize performative allyship, and share insight about what it means and how to start the necessary work of becoming an accomplice. Segments of this virtual, interactive workshop will use breakout groups to enhance discussion and build community.
  • Do the Work: Becoming an Accomplice in the Workplace

    It is essential that we strive toward becoming accomplices to protect and advocate for BIPOC employees and colleagues at work. This workshop is designed to educate and empower those in the workplace, at every level within an organization, to become accomplices and hold leadership, clients, and other colleagues accountable. We will learn how privilege can manifest in the workplace, identify actions you can take to be an accomplice at work, and learn tips for calling out and calling in leadership and HR.
  • Do the Work: Power, Privilege & Leadership

    It is essential for the cultural health and overall success of any business or organization that leadership both understand and develop anti-racist practices. In this workshop, we will educate leaders on behaviors, structures, and policies that contribute to inequity in the workplace and analyze what it looks like to undo those. We will provide feedback and resources meant to activate leaders to build (or re-build) their organizations and strive towards truly anti-racist companies.
  • Harmony Not Balance & Reconnecting to Joy

    Many work environments extend into personal life. As a result, people will work forever, whenever. With a pandemic and injustices towards Black people it is important to find ways to reconnect back to joy. This workshop discusses the difference between balance (nothing is ever an exact portion) and harmony (going with the flow and less feelings of failure). Tools and exercises will be provided to rethink personal and professional life.
  • Women Empowerment/Women of Color

    Dr. Cadet uses her personal story and insight to share how to be a successful woman or woman of color (WOC) in the workplace. She discusses her experience being fired, the importance of knowing your perceived barriers, building your advisory squad, the power of Beyoncé, and when to move on if you’re not valued. Designed as a keynote or interactive Zoom workshop session.
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