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Erik Stolhanske
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Erik Stolhanske At A Glance:

Erik is an actor, writer, producer and member of the comedy group Broken Lizard, probably best known for his role as “Rabbit” in the hit comedy Super Troopers.

Erik is an actor, writer, producer and member of the comedy group Broken Lizard, probably best known for his role as “Rabbit”in the hit comedy Super Troopers.

Erik graduated from Colgate University. He and fellow college friends Jay, Kevin, Paul, and Steve shared an interest in sketch comedy, and formed the comedy group “Charred Goosebeak.”After graduating, they moved their group to New York City and changed its name to “Broken Lizard.”Stolhanske has written, produced and starred in all of Broken Lizards’ films – including Puddle Cruiser, Super Troopers,Club Dread, Beerfest, and their latest release The Slammin’ Salmon – a comedy about one night in a restaurant owned and deplorably operated by former Heavy Weight Champion, Cleon Salmon (played by the Academy Award Nominated actor Michael Clarke Duncan), and staffed by Broken Lizard.

Stolhanske also appears in The Onion Movie, The Sweetest Thing and Watching The Detectives. On television, Erik can be seen on the HBO critically acclaimed series Curb Your Enthusiasm and Six Feet Under as well as on the Comedy Central special Broken Lizard Stands Up.

He was born without a fibula. He overcame his disability to become one of Hollywood’s most popular comedians and has surprised many of his fans with his appearance in the popular exercise program P90X. He is now speaking to audiences across the country, telling his poignant and often humorous story of overcoming obstacles and persevering, even when the odds are stacked against you.

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  • Why Book Erik?

    Often just the thought of a conference or meeting puts people to sleep. Any professional speaker can give a lecture, but very few have an amazing personal story and a background in comedy. Actor, comedian and speaker Erik Stolhanske brings both. His presentation can be tailored to your event, theme or audience.

    Research shows that humor can help people stay focused and retain new information. As a founding member of the Broken Lizard comedy group, Erik uses his storytelling skills to make your group laugh and learn.

    Whatever your overall goals — increasing sales, improving morale, motivating your team or just having some fun — Erik Stolhanske can take your event to the next level by:
    -Generating excitement for your event, conference or meeting
    -Delivering your message in a fun and entertaining way
    -Stimulating creativity with high-impact content
    -Entertaining, enlightening and encouraging your group with stories everyone can relate to

    If you're looking for a speaker who inspires, Erik Stolhanske has just the profound impact you're looking for.
  • Foolish Perseverance: How a Kid with a Wooden Leg Took on Tinseltown

    "In my experience, it's in the moments when you're most willing to fail that success has a way of finding you," says Erik Stolhanske, founding member of the popular Broken Lizard comedy group.

    Uplifting and humorous, Erik puts his phenomenal storytelling skills to work, captivating the audience with his story of how a boy from Minnesota, born without a fibula, went on to star in some of the most popular comedies of the decade. Through setbacks and times when his disability seemed to get in the way of his goals, Erik never gave up.

    "Pursue your dreams stubbornly. Allow yourself to get knocked down — then dust yourself off and get back up again, and again, and again."

    Erik has inspired thousands of people at colleges, veteran hospitals, and corporations. He continues to instill hope, and most importantly, make his audience laugh. "Erik served as a living reminder of how leadership agility and adaptability are key indicators of a company's (and our employees' personal) success. We appreciate the humor — and real-world advice and experience — that he shared with our team. I would recommend his services highly," said Keith Gregory, Senior Vice President & General Manager of Cox Communications.

    "Although you may not have prosthetic body parts, everyone has a "wooden leg" of some kind. I'm living proof that once you realize that your 'wooden leg,' whatever it may be, is really just in your head, that's when you can stay true to yourself, pursue your dreams with foolish perseverance, and truly achieve success in life — whatever that may mean to you."
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