YouTube Star, Activist & Co-host of the New PBS Series Say It Loud

Evelyn From the Internets

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At a glance:

Evelyn Ngugi, or “Evelyn From the Internets,” the popular YouTuber is known for her funny, honest and refreshing monologues about life's daily nuances.

Evelyn Ngugi, or Evelyn From the Internets, has earned massive popularity there for her personal vlogging, which has included lifestyle entries, haircare and beauty tutorials, and travelogues. Her YouTube channel has over 12.7 million views and 166K subscribers. She’ll teach you how to make hummus, discuss Black Twitter dragging, and share her Hot Cheeto hair dye fiasco. In April 2017, Ngugi was chosen as one of the 27 YouTubers – one of five from the U.S. – in the Creators for Change program. Selected for their individual channels’ messages on tough subjects like racism and xenophobia, and for their positive impact on diversity in media, each of the fellows has been given equipment and production grants to help develop new projects. 

  • Artistic Expression in the Digital Age

  • Defining the Culture - Understanding Social Climate and the Importance of Diversity

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