Legendary Chess Grandmaster

Garry Kasparov

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Garry Kasparov, a legend in the international sports arena for his 20-year reign as the world’s #1 chess player, Kasparov was also a pioneer thanks to his famous matches against the IBM super computer Deep Blue.

Garry Kasparov, a legend in the international sports arena for his 20-year reign as the world’s #1 chess player, Kasparov was also a pioneer thanks to his famous matches against the IBM super computer Deep Blue. In 2005 Kasparov retired from professional chess to lead the pro-democracy opposition against the dictatorial regime of Vladimir Putin, including a run for the presidency of Russia in 2008. Kasparov is a popular speaker to business groups around the world on topics of strategy, innovation and leadership. His 2007 book on decision-making “How Life Imitates Chess” has been published in over a dozen languages. He has been a contributing editor to the Wall Street Journal since 1991.

Today he delivers keynote speeches around the globe and is working on another book while also devoting time to the “Kasparov Chess Foundation”. He is active as a pro-democracy leader in the fight to restore democracy in Russia.

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    His appearance is totally tailored to your needs. It can be part speech, part chess simulation, part book signing, photo op, discussion, interview, Q&A and more recently he speaks on artificial intelligence, its effects and its future.— you just decide how best to occupy his time and intrigue and entertain your clients, associates or club.

    The ingredients are the same as for his keynote speech except that Kasparov is unscripted and dialogue is "off the cuff".

    Garry and the interviewer chat for approx. one hour. The subject matter is selected by the Sponsor. A Q&A follows. Questions are selected by the Moderator. The duration of an armchair speech can be between one and two hours. It could be two bar stools on stage.

    Keynote speeches still outnumber armchair speeches by 5 to 1, but there are events where this is a good alternative. The fee is the same and the main difference is that there is no set speech and the range of topics can be many and varied and tailored to the desires of the sponsor. It can be advantageous where a preponderance of the audience is not totally comfortable in the English language. This format leaves more time for translation. It is adaptable to any size of audience and very acceptable in countries where organizers like a speaker for more than one hour.

    Forceful, compelling and knowledgeable are words used to describe a speech by Garry Kasparov, speaking in English. The subject matter is at your selection and ranges from Strategy, Chess & Life, Logical Thinking to Politics and World Affairs. Kasparov challenges and inspires his audience with the same energy and charisma that have made him the world's best-known chess player, a best-selling author and political leader in his native Russia.

    He has recently added speeches that deal with Artificial Intelligence. A.I. speeches have appealed to Universities and hi-tech companies such as IBM, SAP and Fujitsu, to name but a few.

    His keynote speeches range from 20 — 40 minutes in length followed by a Q&A of the same duration. His speeches on strategy and logical thinking feature innovation, intuition, tactics, talent, calculation, analysis, anticipation, instinct and preparation. He talks with great passion and verve about his remarkable life.

    He enjoys the challenge of personalizing every speech to fit the language, nationality and town of every speech. Audiences can vary from 50 to as many as 5,000 (Radio City Music Hall) in New York City where he received a five-minute standing ovation.

    He loves what he is doing and speaks year round and on every continent

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