You’re suffering zoom fatigue. At home, behind a screen, you’re desperate to create a truly unique digital experience to boost, excite and bring some laughs to your students or peers. Hey, Good Meeting is here to help. We offer customized comedy content, concepted by professional (Emmy-winning, Saturday Night Live veteran) writers and performed by a roster of nationally known (widely beloved) actors and comedians, led by our founder David Koechner (Anchorman, The Office)

When you engage Hey, Good Meeting, you’ll be connected to our team of writers who will ask a series of questions to get to know you, your school, your event and your goals. Using that information, we’ll write a series of customized, funny skits full of campus lingo, inside jokes and collegial familiarity. Our comedy is made-to-order, not generic and recycled. Your audience will notice – and appreciate – the difference.

During your event, these customized skits (job interview with Todd Packer!) will be hosted and performed by David and our roster of well-known comedic talent. Depending on the program you choose, your experience may feature one comedian or a duo of comedians. The level of jovial interactivity we have with your attendees (and who, specifically, in the virtual crowd we interact with) will also be determined with you in advance. Please note: our comedy is not a roast or inappropriate, and we will never impugn the integrity of any participant.

Whether you’re looking to insert some levity into an existing marathon day of programming or simply create a one-off morale boost experience, Hey, Good Meeting can handle your project from a-to-z (conception through technical production). We want you to sleep well the night before your event but not be able to sleep the night after (… because you’re so darn excited about the success)!


David Koechner tackles all things collegiate in this hilarious portrayal of the college experience, using his celebrated comedic improv abilities to make your students and campus part of a customized show. 

Content may include a Q&A with David, as well as a variety of skits, including:

YOUR COLLEGE PROMO VIDEO – In this parody of a promotional or recruitment video for your school, David is the spokesman. In the style of an over-the-top infomercial, he incorporates fun school facts, highlighting the quirky qualities of your student body and campus. 

CAREER ADVICE – As a career advisor (inspired by David’s iconic and brash character from The Office, Todd Packer), David answers real career questions posed by participating students. To put it mildly, the advice is not always good. 

THE BACCALAUREATE – In a parody of NBC’s The Bachelor/Bachelorette recap, David begins with “Previously, on The Baccalaureate…” and then proceeds to highlight the gossipy happenings of an episode of this fictitious reality dating show, starring (to their surprise) your actual student attendees as the contestants!